From the locker room

What the 49ers were saying late Sunday afternoon after their 14-9 loss to the Miami Dolphins and Dolphin Stadium.


On not getting the right calls in towards the end of the game:
Sometimes when the crowd gets loud like that it gets amplified through your helmet as well. All you get is bits and pieces and you put it together. I guess I put two plays in to the wrong side. It was the right play, just to the wrong side. The same thing happened a lot in the Seattle game and it's just something that does happen on the road sometimes.

On if there was any thought of going to a shotgun formation on the last offensive play: It was just the play that we had called and we were going to run it from underneath center. We do a lot from under center and especially when the clock was running down like that. I can see the clock and we may as well go on my cadence as opposed from having a silent count.

On whether he was aware of where linebacker Joey Porter was on the final fourth-down play: I didn't look for him, I have enough to read with the coverages and our routes. I didn't specifically look for him. I definitely have a lot of faith in our guys up front and that they are going to get whoever they put out there so I don't really look for that stuff that much.

On poor starting field position: That really hurt us in the 2nd quarter when we couldn't get a drive going. We were back up, we couldn't change field position and we had the wind at our backs. It was everything we were kind of looking for and you definitely want to make them go the long field. If you're not going to score, you want to make them go the long field in a situation like that into the wind. Offensively we weren't able to do that and we put our defense in a bind there. I think that even when we started the third quarter the same type of thing happened. We did end up getting a drive out of it but the second quarter really hurt us because we weren't able to get first downs and put any points up.

On the play of running back DeShaun Foster: DeShaun did a wonderful job. I told him after the game that I was proud of him. I felt like he ran really hard, played well and made some good catches for me as well. DeShaun played well and he's a pro, he's a vet and he's been around and he's been a good player in this league. I think that everybody in our locker room kind of expected that. We had a lot of confidence in him going into this game.

On Vernon Davis and Joey Porter: Vernon did wonderful this that once again and I was proud of him. I don't know if you guys caught it or not but we were out there trying to warm up and he's on our side trying to start something up. What do you do if you're Vernon in that situation? You're really getting disrespected at the time and obviously I thought that Vernon handled that well. He just kind of stood his ground and didn't go any further, nothing to cause a penalty, nothing to hurt the team and nothing to cause a fine for himself. He handled himself well and then throughout the game he did a good job with that as well.


On whether there's any consolation on being in it to the end:
We were still in it, we had a chance. They played a good game. Defensively, they played a good game. The secondary stepped up, the frontline stepped up, and they brought the pressure.

On converting on third downs, but not getting the touchdowns: It was tough, it was tough. Like I said, they brought a lot pressure. They were coming off the edge and they made the plays.

On playing well against Joey Porter all game, then to give up a sack at the end: It was frustrating because I thought I should have been in on it. My thing is you have to keep me on him. Don't take me out, keep me on him. He did a good job. It's frustrating because we should have won the game. We should have won the game.

On how hot the competition was with Joey, even before the game: Well, that's what it's about, it's about intensity. You have to play this game with passion and intensity. That's what you need. He's a player that brings that, I'm a player that brings it too. I'm going to bring it, I'm going to talk and I'm going to play with intensity. That's the way I play, that's how he plays and that's fine. I didn't let him get to me, I played my game. He can do all that, he can say all that, but he did a good job.


On stepping in for the injured Frank Gore:
It was good. I just wanted to get in there and help the offense keep it rolling and just keep running.

On his thoughts of the game as it looked like they were going to win it: We played a good defense. They were able to just hold us to three when we had good drives, so my hats off to them, they played a good game.

On if the Dolphins did anything on defense that slowed them up: Not really, it was basically just long fields, long drives and we weren't able to execute like we wanted to in the red zone.


On the last 49er drive and the Porter sack):
That's the job of being a back up. You have got to get in there and try and not miss a beat from the starting groove. That's what I tried to do, and give it all I had. Joey Porter is a real good player. He got a good jump off the ball, and I was a little behind the count because of the crowd noise. I wish I could have that one back. He just got my edge and I wasn't able to recover. I hate to end a game like that, because it leaves a bad taste in your mouth all week long. That's part of the game and you just have to deal with it.


On the frustration of today's game:
It was frustrating, for us to give up the touchdowns we gave up. They didn't earn any touchdowns today. We just messed up in our coverage a couple of times and they capitalized on it. That's what good teams do. That's what is frustrating for us. We go out there and played great defense and the second half we shut them out. We should have done it the first half.

On the second half: We just came in and told ourselves we have got to settle down, play with poise and play our football. That's what we did the second half. Unfortunately, it was too late.

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