Pro Bowl proclamations

The Pro Bowl was the hot topic at 49ers headquarters on Thursday, with six starters being selected to the NFC team and another being tabbed as a first alternate. Quarterback Jeff Garcia and receiver Terrell Owens declined to talk about each being selected for the third consecutive season, but here's a selection of comments from coach Steve Mariucci and some other players who made the team - and a few who didn't but maybe should have.

Coach Steve Mariucci: "There are always going to be disappointments. That meeting, when I have a team meeting to introduce Pro Bowlers, is really sometimes bittersweet. Because, obviously, the guys that make it are happy and the team is happy for them. However, there is always going to be a handful of people who are going to be capable of playing in the Pro Bowl (who aren't selected). Fred Beasley is the first alternate and you hope that he gets an opportunity to go because someone falls out for whatever reason or chooses not to play. But he certainly, as a true fullback in this league, a classic kind of fullback, in my humble opinion he is the best guy. He will be there some day. Everybody in that room feels the same way about him. There are other people who are worth consideration. You know, whether it's Derrick Deese or Tony Parrish, people like that that had great years. Ahmed Plummer was real close last year, he was an alternate. You know, those sorts of guys. But that will happen in time with some of those other players. We will enjoy the ones who made it."

Linebacker Julian Peterson: "In the beginning, more people might have thought of me as being a (first-round) bust. I just kept working hard and got more in tune with what was going on in the playbook. I'm just thankful. It all comes down to my defensive linemen keeping people off me. I didn't get touched too much by the offensive linemen. I was just going around, roaming, making plays. Derek Smith and (Jeff) Ulbrich getting the formations going, and we were just sitting there, communicating, talking, and that helpes out a whole lot. It's a team game and it helps when you get one player to shine, it compliments the rest of the players out there. Without them, I wouldn't have been out there doing it."

Center Jeremy Newberry: "It's nice. But it's not my main objective right now. But it's definitely an honor. Scott (Gragg) and (Derrick) Deese played to the level of Pro Bowl caliber. (Eric) Heitmann is a year or two from that step. But I think we could have had four(offensive linemen selected), definitely."

Defensive tackle Bryant Young: "Statistically it wasn't a big year. But other factors played into that. I'm thankful people voted for me. Statistically, I didn't have a big year, but I think every game I was doing what I can to help the team."

Fullback Fred Beasley: "(Being an alternate) don't mean much to me. To me, that's second-best, and I don't consider myself second-best. That's when somebody gets hurt and you go. I'd rather not go."

Offensive tackle Derrick Deese: "You think this year, it might happen. You get through the season playing at a high level, you haven't allowed any sacks and you start figuring this could be the year. When it doesn't happen, you chalk it up and say, 'Hey, put it back on the list for next year.'"

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