The magic is back at Candlestick Point

This is the way it once was at Candlestick Point, back in the day of a football Camelot when nothing ever seemed impossible. The magic. The thrills. The mystique. Everything the San Francisco 49ers have ever been about. And that's the way it was again during another unforgettable Sunday in the city by the Bay, the kind that will forever be etched into memory, the kind that will climb high onto the list of greatest games ever played in franchise lore.

"This is right up there," Bill Walsh was saying afterward as he stood deep in the heart of a 49ers locker room brimming with the aura, confidence and expectations that he was largely responsible for bringing to the team - and city - two decades ago. "Just when we had to have it, we got it. Wow! This is that same exact feeling. All of it."

You had to see it to believe it. And even if you saw it, you wouldn't have believed it. This one will take a while to sink in, even by San Francisco's high standards for exhilaration and outrageous drama.

Go ahead and pinch yourself....

Read the rest of Craig Massei's column along with in-depth coverage of the 49ers' dramatic 39-38 comeback playoff victory over the New York Giants in this week's issue of SF Illustrated



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