He said it: Mike Singletary after 49ers win

Coach Mike Singletary gives his takes on the game after the 49ers opened their 2009 exhibition season with a 17-16 victory over the Denver Broncos at Candlestick Park.

On his impression of QB Shaun Hill and QB Alex Smith this game: "You know, I thought they played okay. Nothing to really make you jump one way or the other. I thought they did a pretty decent job overall. I want to look at the film and see a little bit more in the reads or some of the missed opportunities. But overall, I thought it was OK.

On Shaun Hill coming out after one series: "I think he got down the field. We had a chance to see what we wanted to see there. That's pretty much a consistent. Alex Smith we just kind of had a couple of plays or shortened series and we just kept him going with that, Alex. I think with Shaun, we saw that and that was fine, and that was apparent with the number of plays that he got. Alex I think it was broken up a little bit more."

On why he said thank God for pre-season: "Thank God for pre-season because it just wasn't as sharp as you want it to be. The execution wasn't as sharp as you want it to be. Thank God we got a few of them, because we need to play ourselves to our game-time, season, ready-to-go."

On if Smith is more of a mystery to him than Hill: "I think Hill is less of a mystery. I think you kind of have a better idea of who he is and what he brings. But still, there are still some things there that Hill does from time to time and you look at it as you want to see more consistency going downfield. He's great at managing the game. You know he can manage a game, but we can also throw the ball downfield, and something that's very exciting to see. How consistent, and on what basis, that's something we still have to look at, but we pretty much know what's there."

On the 49ers' two injuries in the game: "With Zak Keasey, I think we had a fracture. There's a situation there and we'll look at that tomorrow, maybe an MRI and kind of determine for how long… to what extent is the damage and whatever. [Thomas] Clayton: knee sprain, same situation there. Just have to look at the damage tomorrow and get more information on both of those guys."

On if it is not as clear with Smith as it is with Hill what's there: "I would say that. I would say when you look at Shaun Hill, you have a situation where he's had a chance to play and lead. We have a good read on him. We saw last year, in the second half of the season. Alex Smith, I think because of some of the injuries, because of the inconsistent playing time, I think that Alex is capable of some things and we need to know to what extent. How capable, how much better, so we just have to continue to watch it and see it."

On if the bullets were flying for Smith: "The bullets were flying. The bullets were flying. I thought he did a pretty decent job here and there, but once again, nothing great. We just have to continue to watch the film, continue to do what we're doing right now in our practices, and helping him get the fundamentals down and hope we have better results."

On the three interceptions by San Francisco's defense in the first half: "Well, I think our guys did a pretty decent job being where they needed to be. Maybe the quarterback thought he saw something higher that it works out. I'm going to say that [Kyle] Orton is a better quality quarterback than people think he is. He's very solid, very consistent. I think our DB did a pretty decent job."

On if he saw what he thought he would from Denver Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan's defense: "I saw Mike play his defense. He mixed it up, and had some blitzes here and there. Whether it was a cover-2 guard, or 3 guard, or putting the safety on the edge. That's what he does."

On what he thought of the 49ers pass-rush today: "What did you think of it? Non-existent. I'll put it this way, I started out the session saying, ‘thank God for pre-season.' We have to continue to work on it. We have to continue to get the right chemistry and momentum, but I'm not going to be disappointed or whatever. We will get to a quarterback, and I'm confident in that. We'll see when the time comes."

On if tonight was an indication of how much the full back and the tight end will be a weapon in the passing game: "I think when you start the season and you have to come down and make a decision on the quarterback and maybe that quarterback is not at the top of his game at the very beginning, you might have to run the ball some. He's got to have a comfort zone somewhere and normally that's going to be the running back out of the backfield or a tight end until he gains that confidence and momentum to begin to spread the ball out more. Hopefully at the beginning of the season, the quarterback will be at even more of a better place and we can spread it out at the very beginning, but we'll just have to see how it goes."

On if he's happy with RB Glen Coffee's work: "For the most part. I thought he did a pretty decent job. He ran hard, he did was he does it practice."

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