Camp chat: Glen Coffee

As the 49ers prepare for their exhibition season finale Friday against the San Diego Chargers, rookie Glen Coffee leads the NFL in preseason rushing and the 49ers are No. 1 in the league in rushing offense. Here, San Francisco's third-round draft pick talks about his outstanding summer performance and the team's development in the run game as training camp officially came to a close Tuesday.

Q: After three preseason games, the 49ers rank No. 1 in the NFL in rushing and you are the league's individual leader in that department. What is your impression of where the team's run game and your place in it stand right now?
I think, for the most part, we were going to be physical. It's a blessing that we're leading the league right now, but our main focus as far as running the ball was just to physically dominate the line of scrimmage. We've definitely been able to do that.

Q: Has this running game set the identity for the offense?
I think so. We haven't arrived yet, but we're definitely on track. The main thing we want to do is carry over this success we've had during the preseason into the regular season.

Q: What has it meant to you personally to have accomplished what you have this summer to enter the preseason finale as the NFL's leading rusher?
I don't think about it much, because regardless of how many yards I rush for, I have a lot of work to do. Right now, my job is just to help the team win and right now, it's to help out Frank (Gore). So I don't really think about the yards, per se, but I'm thankful I'm having this opportunity right now, and I'm just going out and working hard every day.

Q: Are you where you want to be and expect to be at this point?
Almost. There's a couple of things I need to work on. As far as my getting the offense down, I feel I'm where I need to be, and I'm happy about that. And now it's just to fine-tune everything else so there's now letdown when Frank comes out of the game and I come in. That's what I want to get to.

Q: Have you surprised yourself at all at what you've been able to accomplish at this level so far?
No, because I'm very focused. And I feel like if you prepare for something, you should expect the results. If you work, you should expect results, and that's the approach I take.

Q: Do you think your performance during the exhibition season has earned you more minutes on the field and more touches of the football once the real games begin?
I may have, but we'll see. It's not something I think about. I'm happy with whatever carries that I get, and I know the amount of carries I've got has been the result of what I've done in the preseason. So now it's up to the coaches.

Q: You're averaging 6.1 yards a carry. Why does it look like things have come see easy out there to Glen Coffee during the preseason?
I think you just have to have everything in perspective. When you have things in perspective, you're able to give a lot of yourself in other areas. Some people can't give their all into football and also give their all into their personal lives. I just keep everything on a calm level, and I approach everything basically the same. I approach the football game the same as I approach every day life.

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