He said it: Mike Singletary after 49ers win

Coach Mike Singletary gives his quick takes on the game after the 49ers' pivotal and thrilling 20-16 road victory over defending NFC champion Arizona in a season opener between divisional rivals at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Q: After all the work you put in during the offseason, how do you feel about the way your team was able to take away the game in the fourth quarter?
I just feel good about the win. I'm just very proud of our guys. I think our guys did what they had to do to win the game, and that's what we're striving for. It's just important for us to continue to learn how to enjoy a win, celebrate it, and then put it behind us and get ready for week.

Q: You called a timeout when Arizona was driving in the third quarter and pulled your defense around you on the sideline. What was that about?
It was just about reminding them that I knew where they were. Sometimes in a game, you're out there and you just feel like there's something inside of you that says, ‘I don't know if I can do this. I don't know I if I have any more left.' I wanted to give them a breather. I wanted to kind of calm them, settle them down, and just make them realize and remember who we were and why we were here. And we needed to hold those guys to three points. I knew they could do that, but I felt we needed the timeout.

Q: What did the offense do to make that long game-winning touchdown drive happen in the fourth quarter?
I think we really just did a better job up front in protection. I think we speeded some of the throws up with more timing routes, and I think our guys just knew it was one of those situations where you know you've got to have it and everybody all of the sudden just kind of goes to another level, and I was very happy to see that.

Q: Was this the kind of physical play you want to see throughout your defense?
Well, we knew coming in that any time you're playing against a great receiving corps like Arizona has, you've got to get some hands on them. If you don't get your hands on them, they're going to be out there (open). I'm just thankful to have a group of guys that just really believe in the technique and stayed with it and it worked out for us.

Q: You were pretty much stuffed in the run game today on offense. What was up with that?
Well, it happens. I'm thankful that it happened for us today. Normally it doesn't happen that way, but I'm just very thankful that it worked out.

Q: What does this win do for the belief of your team?
Well, I think it's one of those things where the confidence, the belief, one of the things that we have lacked is the confidence. This win doesn't cure all. We have to continue to go forward. One win paves the way for another. We just have to continue to build off it, and we know we have a tremendous challenge this upcoming week. And we're very thankful to get out of here with our lives, and I'm just excited to get back and look at the game and look at Seattle, and get ready to go.

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