He said it: Singletary after loss to Vikings

Coach Mike Singletary gives his takes on the game after the 49ers' heartbreaking 27-24 loss in the final seconds to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday at the Metrodome dropped San Francisco from the ranks of NFL unbeatens.

Q: What's your initial take on coming up short in such a hard-fought game?
You look at a game like today and it was a tough loss. A team that lost this game – particularly like that – is going to be better for it. We will be better moving forward. It stings and hurts like heck, but going forward it will help us. We have to learn how to finish and we have to learn how to play big games.

Q: How do you go about finding a positive out of such a tough loss?
"It's already a positive. It's one of those things where you go through a season and you hope that it doesn't happen. We were 2-0 and everyone was thinking, 'Well, hopefully, we can keep this thing going.' When you lose a game of this magnitude, we knew it was going to be a war coming in here. . . . I'd rather we lose now, taste it, chew on it, swallow it and get better.

Q: You've always said you're not a moral victory kind of guy. Does this game kind of put that statement to the test?
Well, I mean what I say. I try not to say a lot of things, but I mean what I say. We lost the game. We didn't come out here to come close. We came out here to win. We didn't win, so we just have to go back to the drawing board and continue to go forward and to continue to get better.

Q: Did this game show you that your team is able to handle adversity well?
I've said this many times and I'll say it again, and I'll probably say it every week: I am very, very thankful and very blessed for this coaching staff and I'm thankful for our players. You could not ask for a better group of guys. So given that, and losing like we lost today, it's just one of those things that you have to come out fighting, and we will. We just have to go back and take the positives and learn from the negatives and move on.

Q: Did you learn anything from your team today and did they show you something you might have not known before?
I guess character is the word that I continue to use. Our guys are character guys and they are going to continue to fight, they're going to kick, they're going to scratch. That's what it's all about, and that's what this team is all about. We're a little bit young in some areas, and we just have to keep fighting. This game right now, early in the season, I'm thankful. If we have to lose one like this, I'm thankful. We'll learn from it, and it's just going to make us stronger.

Q: What was it that you said when you got in tight end Delanie Walker after the interception thrown by Shaun Hill in the first half?
I really don't want to comment on that. It was just something that I wanted to comment to him about what I saw, but I'm just gonna let that go, and we'll all just continue to get better.

Q: Is there any word on Frank Gore's ankle right now?
The only thing I know is we just have to get back, and we have to look at it and evaluate it and we'll have more information about that tomorrow.

Q: On your final offensive drive, was there any consideration given to throwing the ball to get that one first down that would ice the game?
I will not question any calls that we've made. I thought we had a good call, we just didn't execute it. There's something negative on every play, so I'm not going to go back and try to analyze and say, ‘Well, you know...' No. I'm not going to do that. We made the call, we didn't make it, OK. We live with the results.

Q: What was your feeling about Vernon Davis' emergence as a receiving threat in your offense today?
I've felt all along that Vernon is just a guy that continues to work his tail off, he continues to get better and he continues to lead out team. He did some things today that were big. I'm really excited and thankful for Vernon and his continued growth.

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