Hill on offense: 'We're not going to change'

With Frank Gore out at least until after the 49ers' bye week later this month, quarterback Shaun Hill takes on more responsibility to be a playmaker on offense will directing the team's attack. Hill says the Niners will continue to run the same offense without Gore, and here in a wide-ranging interview he covers a spectrum of topics regarding the 49ers and Sunday's game against the St. Louis Rams.

On whether the offense will change with the absence of RB Frank Gore: "We're not going to change because of that. [RB] Glen [Coffee] was in this offense all of preseason, so there's no reason to change or anything like that. Glen knows everything that we're doing. He's a very capable back and we're excited to see how he can do out there for us."

On whether he has a different comfort level with another running back behind him: "No, to be honest with you, [RB] Frank [Gore] does a great job with protection and I think that Glen has picked up that up from Frank and been able to learn that. I don't notice who is in the huddle and who's not. Those type of things never cross my mind. As far as comfort level, everything will be the same."

On how he changes without having RB Frank Gore in the offense: "It doesn't. We're going to go out there and execute the same way that we've been doing. Our rules don't change, our plays don't change. With what we're doing, everything stays the same."

On having the ability to audible and throw more to the wide receivers: "[With] the ability to audible it all depends on the play, the circumstances, the situation and the play clock – all of those things. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. We just go out, execute the offense let the chips fall where they may."

On developing a timing pattern with TE Vernon Davis on routes: "Vernon's done a great job this whole offseason, preseason and even leading into the season. He's done a great job. He continues to improve and he's a guy that I feel very comfortable with. He can be a huge weapon for us and we'll continue to hopefully use [him]."

On noticing Vernon's maturity since last year's game versus the Seahawks: "Yes, I have. Like I've said in some of these games, they're trying to get under his skin. He's just not allowing it at all. He's walking away from stuff. He's come a long ways [from] that, and as far as his playing ability, he's started to develop some skills that he didn't have when he first came into the league. It's good to see his growing process, and it has continued."

On being impressed by the consistent productivity of WR Isaac Bruce: "I find myself pretty impressed with him. He's a special route runner without a doubt. He does a great job for us out there. He's another guy that creates mismatches. When we're able to get him one-on-one with people, he's able to get open and make the plays for us."

On being able to view film of past defensive schemes of Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo when he was a defensive coordinator for the New York Giants: "Some of that stuff we do take a look at. There's lot footage of stuff that they've done in the preseason and the stuff they've done in their first three games as well. We'll take a look at everything. You [have to] expect the unexpected every week. You know that you're going to get something new that they haven't necessarily shown on film. You kind of dig around and see what those things might be just to be prepared."

On the TV cameras catching him and head coach Mike Singletary exchanging a hug after a scoring drive: "The cameras caught that, huh? We were just both excited. We play this game with a lot of passion, he played it with a lot of passion and he [also] coaches this game with a lot of passion. We were all excited, you know. I'm surprised that [QB] Alex [Smith] and [QB] Nate [Davis] didn't fine me for that. I guess they didn't see the TV copy. I don't know, you're out there, you're in the moment, you're fired up, you're enthused, those things are going to happen. You caught me off-guard because I obviously don't watch the TV copy, I apologize."

On the teams attitude going into this weekend's game after last week's loss to Minnesota: "Like I said after that game- I would hope that it's the same as it would be as if we won the game. Come out here, work our tails off all week, improve, and get ready for the next opponent. That's the way the NFL is, you can't savor wins and you can't dwell on losses too long. You have to move on to the next week as soon as possible and we've done that."

On whether coming back against Minnesota in that game gives the team confidence going into this weekend's game against St. Louis: "I think that every game that we play, we continue to develop and continue to gain confidence. Just different aspects of the offense are stepping up each and every week and you are starting to see more of those things come out. The more that we play, the more that you will see."

On how instrumental has the maturation process been for Vernon Davis to this team: "It's been very instrumental. When you come into the league, you have to learn on how to be a pro. It's totally different than the college level where pure athleticism can help you stand out. At the NFL level you have to be a student of the game. You have to work on your craft. Some of those things some people aren't accustomed to doing. You have to learn from the older guys that have been around – how to be a pro, how to study, how to work, and he's picked up all of that. Part of it is how to act and he's really come a long ways. I'm very proud of him for that."

On the offense depending on him to make plays more so now that Frank Gore is out for a few games: "Everybody on offense, on every single play, has the potential to be a playmaker. You never know which play it's going to be that's required of you, and even the offensive linemen, making an extra block, knocking this guy down or a wide receiver on a block or on a route. Those guys never know when they're going to get the ball, but they have to go out every play as if they are and it's the same with me. No matter what the play call is, I don't know necessarily before the snap if it's my opportunity to make a play or not, but every single play I try to and we go from there."

On getting in-sync with the offense in due time: "The longer we're running this offense and the longer that we're together, those things will start to fall into place. I promise you, we're putting in the work every week to make sure that happens, and like I said, the longer we're doing that the better off we'll be."

On whether he would have liked to have been play-called by his coaches in the fourth quarter: "I don't go there. When the draft comes around and people ask me who you would draft, I tell them, ‘Well, I'm not a front office guy, so I don't have to worry about that.' So when people ask about play-calling – I'm not a play-caller, I'm a quarterback. I don't think about those things either. I don't dwell on them, it's not my area. [Offensive coordinator] Jimmy [Raye] has got a wealth of knowledge, far more than I'll ever have in this game, and there's no way in the world that I would ever second guess anything."

On the percentage of him getting equal reps with the wide receivers: "I don't know what the percentage is. I think that the majority of them come with Isaac, [WR] Josh [Morgan], and [WR] Arnaz [Battle]. But throughout the week, most of them are in there in some situation."

On evaluating the Rams defense on film: "Their last two games were totally different than their preseason games and their first game. At the beginning, they wanted to bring a lot of pressure and they bring everybody. The last few games have been more of a vanilla defense in the respect of blitzes. So they have everything. We have to be ready for it all. We don't know which game plan they're going to bring in here, but we have to be ready for whichever one it is."

On whether the 49ers will take command of the NFC West with a win on Sunday: "Yes. You have to win division games in order to win the division. This is a division opponent. Every division opponent is tough because you play them twice a year. They know you. You know them. No matter what division you're in, or who you play, every division opponent is a very tough game. So this is a big one for us."

On whether he feels it is appropriate for an official to put a player's pad back inside his jersey: "Yes. They do that from time to time. There is nothing wrong with that at all. I wouldn't read into that. I've had that happen before as well from the ref behind me. That's not uncommon."

On the problems he had last time against the Rams: "The majority of that was on us. It was the mistakes we were making. They played a different plan against us that week than what they had shown in the past as well. But the majority of it was us not executing, whether it be me or a receiver or whatever the situation was. We looked bad for three quarters, but we stuck with it and found a way to come away with a W."

On whether he put too much pressure on himself last time the 49ers faced the Rams: "Yes. I think I did. It was probably a mistake on my part. I definitely learned from that."

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