He said it: Mike Singletary after 49ers loss

Mike Singletary gives his takes on the game after the 49ers' 24-21 loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday afternoon and discusses the debut of wide receiver Michael Crabtree and the decision to bring in Alex Smith at quarterback to replace starter Shaun Hill.

On the 49ers' performance: "Obviously it is very frustrating to come down here and get 21 points behind in the first half. There is no reason for that. We knew this had to be a game of details coming in here and to find ourselves in a situation where we have to dig ourselves out of a hole in the second half on the road is unacceptable. I know we came back in the second half and made some plays. Alex Smith came in and seemed to perk up the offense, but we just didn't play well and we just have to get better on the offensive line. We have to have better offensive line play. We have got to look at the film and continue to make the changes necessary that we need to make to get better. I think as far as the injury to (Tony) Pashos, don't know how severe that is; we'll have to look at the MRI and whatever testing we need to get done to see the extent of the injury. As far as our team is concerned it is disappointing, it is frustrating. I think it's one of those things where we have a team that got out of the blocks pretty quick and it seems like we missed the hand-off in the second quarter so far. All I know is that it will get better. All I know is that we are going to put the guys on the field that can play, that give us the best chance to win, and we will continue to do the things we have to do to find out who that is. The film, we just have to continue to look at it, evaluate it, and go from there."

On making the decision to bring in QB Alex Smith: "I just felt it was time to make the switch. It's as simple as that. There was no long drawn out process, it was let's make the change."

On the possibility of QB Alex Smith becoming the starter: "I can't say that going forward. We need to look at the film and look at some of the decisions made on behalf of both quarterbacks."

On the appearance that the offensive line gave better protection for QB Alex Smith: "It seemed like it, but I can't say that right away because sometimes I don't know if it is Alex or the OL. Sometimes the quarterback makes the OL better, but we'll have to find out which is which when we look at the film."

On quarterback Shaun Hill's poor performance: "I can't say that without looking at the film. It looked like he didn't have a chance to throw the ball. I don't know, we'll have to look at it."

On reasons behind changing quarterbacks at halftime: "I think it was one of those things, I told (offensive coordinator) Jimmy (Raye) coming in that we need to think about making that change because our offense is in a rut and we have playmakers on the field and we need to get the ball to them when we have the chance to do some good things. Today I just felt like we needed a spark, a change. I felt that Alex had that opportunity to come in and let's see what he can do in an adverse situation."

On QB Alex Smith's performance: "I thought he did pretty decent. I thought he moved the team pretty well. I thought he made the plays he needed to make, the plays he had the opportunity to make he made. That was good to see."

On if he was planning on the QB switch in the preceding weeks: "As I said last week, I talked to Alex when I made the decision to go with Shaun (Hill). I told him (Smith) that this does not mean we are going to lock you in a barn. I want you to continue to get better. Chances are this is going to be a long season and we're going to need both of you. That is the same thing that I have said since the start. There was no conspiracy. It was just a matter of me feeling at the end of the half , let's put Alex in and see what he can do."

On when he had the conversation with Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye about switching QBs: "Probably at the end of the half."

On if WR Michael Crabtree's presence helped alleviate pressure on TE Vernon Davis: "I'm going to say this: I think Vernon Davis is a heck of a tight end. I don't think the presence of Crabtree made a difference because Davis would have made those plays anyways. Now ask me another question about Crabtree."

On WR Crabtree's performance: "Do I think he did a great job today? Absolutely. He did a heck of a job."

On limiting Crabtree's playing time: "What I said was 20-30 plays, but if you remember I said if he can handle it then let's let him go."

On Crabtree making mistakes: "I'm sure he did a lot of things wrong. The bottom line is when he had the chance to make plays he made them. That's good. You're talking about a guy that's been working his tail off and hasn't been at camp and he came in today and it seemed like he had been here a while."

On miscommunication between QB Shaun Hill and WR Michael Crabtree on the first play: "Yes, there was some miscommunication there. I'm not quite sure what happened, but yes there was some miscommunication. When he came to the sideline I asked him if he knew what he was doing. He said yes, and so I said ok fine we are good."

On if he will be making a decision on which quarterback to start soon: "We have to sit down with the staff and take a look at it. I don't like going back and forth between quarterbacks. We'll have to sit down and look at it and see what is best for the team. We certainly have tools and there is no reason in the world why we're not playing better on offense and defense and special teams so we just need to continue getting better at all phases of the game and we will."

On troubles with punt returning: "Allen (Rossum) had some issues too. It's not like he was catching everything clean. They both have issues. We just have to find a way to get that settled and that's something that we have to settle in a hurry because it makes no sense at all. It makes no sense to be dropping balls."

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