From the locker room

Isaac Bruce talks about his final game as a 49er and his farewell tribute at St. Louis, and other San Francisco players give their takes after the Niners concluded their season with a 28-6 victory over the St. Louis Rams.


On playing in the game today:
"It meant a lot, I think I was more into it for my fellow wide receivers. That is what they wanted, so I went ahead and did it."

On the reception from the fans: "I was truly touched. I spent a lot of years here and for them to recognize me in that manner, I thought it was awesome."

On if he wished he got to play more today: "Not at all, that was strictly for my wide receiver teammates, but no. They did a great job."

On the 49ers receivers going to coach Mike Singletary lobbying for him to start: "It was cool. It was a total respect move. I am glad I was able to do something for them, with me going out the door as a 49er."

On if he got emotional during the standing ovation in the fourth quarter: "I can control my emotions. If I was going cry it nearly came, but it didn't come all the way out. I was touched, truly touched by the gesture."

On all the memories he has in the Edward Jones Dome: "These walls have a lot to say good, bad, indifferent, but I enjoyed the entire run."

On having any regrets on his career: "Not a one, and like I said earlier in the week my dreams are a lot bigger than my memories."


On the game:
"We got out real slow. But in the second half we came back. We told ourselves when we went in for halftime that we have to go and get this game over with. We came back in the second half and did it."

On his fondest memory of Isaac Bruce: "He's a great man, great football player, great teammate for the last two years. I use to get in the back of the line just to watch him, to see what he does to be able to play this long. He's a real role model. He's a real professional."


On the defense getting eight sacks:
"They got in a situation towards the end where they had to throw the ball, it was a good win for and we end the year 8-8 and come back next year."

On the defense being steady all year long: "We did pretty good for the most part, we had some let downs in a game or two but for the most part we felt like we played decent enough. As a team we played good enough to be 8-8 and that is not good enough and next year we have to comeback and play better."

On being back playing in Missouri: "It was good and it was fun. I got to see a lot of people so that is always good."

On the defensive pressure: "They had some changes in personnel and issues like that. We were able to take advantage of that. They had some changes at quarterback and in the offensive line and that is what happens when you are down."


On the game:
"The first half was not good enough, very unproductive. I don't even know what our statistics were, but very unproductive, we didn't get enough done. We came out in the second half and did some more things, moved the ball better and finished off some of those drives. I guess looking at the bigger picture that's kind of what I see."

More on the difference between halves: "I think in the first half we were a little more run first, run on first and second down and throw on third. In the second half, I think that changed quite a bit, there was a little more balance. We threw the ball a little more on first and second down. That's kind of what I noticed."

On the 73-yard touchdown pass to Vernon Davis: "It was a slot a formation so he was on the back side of the slot. They went to single-high safety and I liked the matchup back there. It's hard for any team to replicate his speed on a show team, to get a feel for what he's like and he just ran by that guy. He went outside and made a great play on the ball and finished it off."

On his performance throughout the season: "I think we did some good things. It's kind of been talked about a lot around here, but that consistency thing, taking the offense to the next level and being an attacking offense. The kind of offense when you step on the field the mindset and expectation level is to score points. And not, I hope we get something going and score points. The mindset is, we're going to step out here and expect to score points, and we expect to move the ball."

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