49ers moving home for the summer?

On Wednesday, GM Terry Donahue said it was a "50-50 proposition" the 49ers would return to Stockton this summer for training camp at the University of the Pacific. On Thursday, Donahue and team president Peter Harris met with UOP officials and Stockton representatives to continue dialogue on what it will take to keep the 49ers from moving their camp to the team's Santa Clara headquarters. "We discussed a number of issues that we were concerned with and they were concerned with," Donahue said.

Donahue and Harris met with UOP president Donald DeRosa and athletic director Lynn King, Stockton mayor Gary Podesto and Stockton businesswoman Dea Spanos-Berberian to discuss issues that have created the possibility the Niners will leave Stockton this year after completing only five years of an original 10-year agreement to conduct their summer camp at the UOP campus.

The Niners have some major and legitimate concerns about their camp conditions at UOP, the most notable of which surrounds poor practice field conditions and the university's ability to keep those fields up to standard before and during the team's summer stay. That is one of several issues and concerns being expressed by both sides.

"We've had a very fruitful and cordial dialogue about both sides of those issues," Donahue said. "We will continue to talk about what we can do to make camp better from our perspective and what we can do to make camp better from their perspective. We will continue to address and work on those issues together until a decision is made."

Donahue said the team expects to make a decision within the next month as dialogue with Stockton and UOP officials continue.

"I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see us at UOP (this summer)," Donahue said. "At the same time, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see us here (at Santa Clara). I don't think we'll go anywhere else. We're not interested in going anywhere else. I think we'll either be here or there."

If the Niners do opt to move their summer camp to the team's year-round facility, Donahue said, "We have several plans we've talked about. We have not decided anything because we're not sure whether or not we'll be here."


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