Coffee: No desire to play football

After quitting the 49ers, Glen Coffee tells the Sacramento Bee he's found Christ and has no intention of returning to the game.

It turns out Glen Coffee didn't want to play football – not for the San Francisco 49ers and not for any team.

Coffee, who informed coach Mike Singletary on Friday that he was quitting the game, told the Sacramento Bee's Matt Barrows that he had found Christ in college and never should have entered the draft out of the University of Alabama.

"It was a struggle for a long time," Coffee said. "Actually, when I look back I feel I never should have entered the draft in the first place. Football was no longer my dream. I found Christ in college. It changed my views on everything. But I still was a football player because it was expected of me, it was something I did all my life. I was basically wasting the (49ers') time."

Coffee, 23, said he's being pressured by 49ers teammates and family members to reconsider, but he said he has no intention to return.

"No, man. I've already told Christ it's time to go," he told Barrows. "I've already rung the bell. That's not going to happen."

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