Carr resumes No. 2 QB role on 49ers

Nate Davis didn't impress his coaches enough on Sunday night, so David Carr will go back to being the 49ers' backup behind Alex Smith.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – The Nate Davis experiment, if you could call it that, is over.

San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary said he's moving forward after watching Davis play Sunday night and feels "comfortable" with David Carr as the team's primary backup to starter Alex Smith.

Davis had a chance to impress his coaches in a nationally televised preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings, but it was apparently not enough – even though he showcased his strong arm with a 60-yard pass to Ted Ginn Jr. After the game, Singletary questioned the quarterback's work ethic during the offseason.

On Monday, Singletary said, "It's not about Nate Davis going into the game, it's about our team. It's really important for us as a staff to take a step back. Last week, the thing we wanted to see was where Nate is as a quarterback. But that was last week.

"So now we go forward and look at what else we need to see. What else can we take the time, have the luxury, to go out and find out about ourselves?"

That means Carr will resume his duties as the 49ers' No. 2 quarterback. The former No. 1 overall draft pick is an eight-year veteran who was signed last March specifically to back up Smith.

"He's a very calm guy," Singletary said. "He has a good command of the offense, the huddle. I think our guys have a good feel for him. He's a guy that's been consistent. Comfortable is the word I would (use). I feel very comfortable with him as the backup right now."

Although Carr didn't play against the Vikings, he said he was fine watching from the sideline as Davis got extended playing time.

"They talked to me and just told me I've played for nine years, I've started enough games," Carr said. "They feel like a preseason game, there were other guys they wanted to look at and I was fine with that. I've played enough games and I do feel comfortable.

"Offensively, we're not always sharp, we're not always super crisp. but I know what's going on and I definitely know what all my guys are supposed to be doing. Hopefully, that transcends and the coaches see that and the players see that. I think they do."

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