Postgame Q&A: DT Matt Toeaina

A win is a win, or least that was the company line in the Chicago Bears locker room Sunday after luckily surviving the Lions 19-14. Matt Toeaina chatted with JC in the locker room after the game.

John Crist: When you're watching the Calvin Johnson play on the JumboTron, did you know what the rule was? Before the official ruling on the review, were you worried that you had let one slip away?

Matt Toeaina: I had no idea. Let the refs do what they've got to do, and do what we've got to do as players. We'll take it.

JC: A win is a win, and you already said you'll take it, but do you feel fortunate to emerge from this one victorious considering all the bad breaks and turnovers you guys were subjected to against the Lions?

MT: That was the biggest thing, just turnovers. When the turnover ratio is in the negative, it makes it hard to pull out a victory. So that was the biggest thing. Obviously, the total yards allowed on defense and the amount of yards the offense produced, those are some pretty good numbers. But, again, turnovers is what hurt us.

JC: You got a 10-point barrage right before halftime, with Matt Forte busting off an 89-yard touchdown on a screen pass and then Julius Peppers forcing a fumble that led to a Robbie Gould field goal. How big was that flurry going into the locker room?

DT Matt Toeaina
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MT: That was big. That kind of shifted the momentum a little bit. That kind of got us going. We kind of pretty much maintained throughout the game, especially on defense. We didn't give up too many big plays, except the last two minutes. We can't let them get that far in, can't make the game that close.

JC: Even though you are playing terrific on defense in the second half, you're still losing the game and the crowd is getting anxious. What's it like to be playing so well in one phase of the game but still on the wrong end of the score?

MT: We can't worry about how the crowd reacts because we just can't let it affect us. We've just got to continue on with the ballgame and just defeat our opponent, dominate our opponent.

JC: This is the defense Bears fans have been wanting to see for so long now. How do you make sure you keep this momentum going into Week 2 at Dallas, where you'll be facing a much more potent offense?

MT: We definitely would like to get more turnovers. That's the biggest thing. We did a pretty good job against the run and the pass. We'd like to get a little bit more sacks, maybe more big plays. But other than that, we had a lot of three-and-outs. So we've just got to keep it going and get better every week.

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