BR Rookie Diary: Webb, 3rd Entry

In this entry for the 2010 Bear Report Rookie Diary, J'Marcus Webb writes about what it's like to see an offensive linemen go down with an injury on game day and preparing for Monday Night Football.

As you all know, we've got a big game coming up next week against the Green Bay Packers. It should be a lot of fun. So far, I'm not getting carried away by the hype. But this is my first experience with the rivalry so I'm not really sure exactly what to expect.

I do know that any time you have a game on Monday nIght Football, it's a huge deal. I'm expecting my friends and family to tune in.

What will be interesting is to see if and how this game changes our routine. I'm assuming everything will go as it has any other time we've had a night game, but since this is part of the regular season and it's a game quite a few people will watch, maybe our preparation will change accordingly. I know that for my part, at least, it's going to be business as usual as much as possible.

The Dallas game was a lot of fun. I was on the sideline, but I definitely learned a lot just from seeing what was happening on the field.

What I've been working on recently is understanding the schemes and how to implement the game plan. In that sense, it's really good to have the opportunity to be there on the sideline and watch what I've learned get put into action. Of course, I'd love to be out there playing, but I know that will come in due time. It's something I have to earn by proving to the coaches that I'm ready to go.

One question I had this week was whether or not it made me nervous to have one of my fellow offensive linemen go out with an injury and know there was only one backup player dressed and ready to replace him. That happened when Chris Williams left the Dallas game with his hamstring pull. I think in a situation like that, you have to trust your coaches. They certainly have been in this game considerably longer than I have, and they definitely know what they're doing. If it doesn't make them concerned when somebody is injured, then I'm not going to be concerned either.

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That leads into the other question I had this week: Is it difficult for a lineman to switch to the side of the line where he doesn't play all the time? For example, Frank Omiyale going over to fill in for Williams at left tackle. Again, it all comes down to coaching. If you have been trained well for any possibility, then you are going to feel comfortable just about any place your coaches put you.

All the players have prepared for similar possibilities, so it certainly isn't completely unexpected. The job of each player then is to step up and fill his new role. Clearly, that worked out pretty well against the Cowboys last week.

People I have talked to this week have also been curious about the offensive adjustments that were made in Dallas during the first quarter. Again, that is a coaching question and not really something I know that much about. But from what I've seen, our coaches are very effective seeing what's unfolding on the field and making allowances for that. Our quarterback, Jay Cutler, was getting blitzed, so our line needed to keep that from happening. Once the correct changes were made, the offensive game became much more effective.

We were not favored to win, so to come away on the positive side was a very good thing for our psyche.

As everybody remembers, we had a tough preseason, so it's really good to get the two victories early in the regular season. I think that generates a positive momentum and puts everybody on the team in a good frame of mind. It's not a matter of saying, "See? We told you we were good." I don't think that enters anybody's minds. It's just a matter of going out and playing as well as we know we can play. And when the results from that are good, then you know things are going in a positive direction.

I have no predictions about Green Bay that I'll state publicly. I will say that they are a strong team and we are well aware of how good they are on both sides of the ball. But we are a strong team, as well. I think we are confident in our abilities. It's going to be a lot of fun to be there in front of the hometown crowd. I'm expecting a lot of positive energy from the fans and a hard-fought game on the field.

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