Staying focussed

Things are going along here pretty much as they were last week. I talked to my agent earlier today and he said that no calls have come in from NFL teams during the past few days. He expects things to pick up somewhat as Draft Day approaches.

It's just three weeks until the try out at Halas Hall. As of now, there are 22 teams including the Bears who are scheduled to be there. It will be a good last chance to talk to the scouts before Draft Day, and a good opportunity for me to be able to show them what I can do.

I've been keeping to my usual training routine. I did notice that my weight is down slightly, from 245 to 240. This is probably due to the increasing intensity of the workouts.

Football players need to pay attention to what they eat. If you have too much of the wrong type of food, you can get a little heavy, a little slow. If you don't eat enough, you tend to burn off the calories and you end up losing weight.

Most of us supplement regular meals with several nutritional milkshakes throughout the day. That keeps the calorie intake at a predictable level. The goal is to keep your weight steady, have optimum energy, and stay strong. That's a big part of any training routine. It's fine-tuning for the body.

When I go out for meals, I try to make wise choices. Junk food is always a temptation, however. You go out to eat, you relax, and you have a bowl of chili or a burger or two. That's ok as long as you pay attention to your diet the rest of the time. My favorite food? Just about anything that has been home cooked.

That's about all for now. There should be a lot more to talk about during the next few weeks as the pace picks up. The closer we get to Draft Day, the busier things will become. It's hard to know for sure what will happen, but I'm really looking forward to the entire process.

Beth Gorr contributed to this article.

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