BR Rookie Diary: Wright, 4th Entry

In this entry for the 2010 Bear Report Rookie Diary, Major Wright writes about how his hammy is coming along, whether he thought about injured reserve and the upcoming game against the Redskins.

Wednesday was the first time I've been back on the field since going down with a hamstring injury during the Dallas game. It's been tough, but getting injured is a part of football and you just have to deal with it and then move on.

I felt that I'd made progress during the spring, and then again at the beginning of training camp. Getting hurt twice has been frustrating, but when that happens you just have to find another way of learning what you need to know.

I've been going to all of the meetings, talking to the other players and trying to learn as much as I can without actually being out there. During games, I stand on the sideline and make notes. Then I go over what I've written when I watch the film after the game.

It's really frustrating just standing there and watching. You see great things happen out on the field and you want to be part of it, or you see something go wrong and you'd like to be in there helping.

I'm in limited practice right now. I can't detail exactly what that means, as the guidelines change from day to day. I monitor myself, the trainers observe me and the coaches see how I'm doing. I'm building up slowly, but I can definitely feel my strength returning. The point is to build stamina as quickly as possible without reinjuring anything.

In the workout room, I am pretty much up to speed. It's just the actual practice and game-day reps where we're taking a cautious approach. I am still careful about my conditioning and my nutrition, just the same as all of the other players.

Going on injured reserve was never an issue. My injuries were such that they would heal within the timeframe of the season. My hope is to get back out there as a player as quickly as possible. I certainly am ready mentally. It's just a matter of getting the physical part of things back to where they should be.

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What I'll be working on as soon as I'm able is acceleration, cuts, speed. At my position, agility and quick bursts are really important. I feel that I'll be right back to where I was before I went down, within a reasonable period of time. But between now and then, I'll watch, listen and learn as much as I can. You always want those on-field reps, but this will do for now.

The game against Seattle was a difficult one. It's hard to say exactly what went wrong, but you can be sure that we are working on all aspects of our play this week to correct things in all aspects of our game.

The defense was on the field for a considerable period of time, and when that happens, fatigue tends to be a factor late in the game. There was a problem with a lack of takeaways or interceptions, and we weren't able to do much against the Seahawks' running game.

The Redskins are coming in this week, and it will be a tough matchup. As far as I can tell, our players have put the bad parts of last weekend behind them and are ready to go forward from this point. It's a home game, and it's important to all of us to do well in front of the Chicago crowd.

As far as specifics of the upcoming game plan, I can't say much about that, but I think this team will bring a strong performance. We still feel confident and ready to go.

Personally, I am not certain when I'll get my chance to return. I'm doing all that I can to be ready when the call comes. And, hopefully, this will be the last time I'm out with any kind of a problem. I'm strong physically, and these have been fluke injuries. I never had problems in college, and I would like to think this is all behind me now.

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