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Could a subpar workout by <!--Default NodeId For Arizona State is 551,2005--><A HREF=>Arizona State</A> defensive end <!--Default NodeId For Terrell Suggs is 318755,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:318755]>Terrell Suggs</A> end up in the Bears' favor? <BR><BR> It's quite possible.

Prior to his workout March 26, Suggs appeared to be the rising star in this draft. While the Bears thought they might have a good shot at selecting him with the fourth overall pick, there was every chance that he might go to the Houston Texans with the third pick and there was serious discussion that he could go even higher.

Instead of wowing NFL scouts at his private workout, Suggs left them scratching their heads. Even though he had 24 sacks and 31.5 tackles for loss with the Sun Devils last season, he looked rather ordinary for the stopwatch crowd.

Suggs was expected to run his 40 in the 4.6 range, but he only hit 4.91 in his first effort on an artificial turf surface. His second try was much better -- 4.77 -- but it wasn't what scouts were looking for.

Suggs also appeared to struggle in the three-cone drill that NFL scouts use to test agility. Suggs had a couple of mis-starts appeared to strain a hamstring. When it came time for the bench press -- the number of times he could pump 225 pounds above his body -- Suggs came to a finish after he did it 19 times. That's a very ordinary total for a player of his size -- 6-3 3/8 and 257 pounds.

While he is no scout, Houston owner Bob McNair showed up at the workout to assess this budding star. McNair appeared to be disappointed when he characterized the workout as "not outstanding for a player of his ability."

Bears general manager Jerry Angelo wasn't blown away by Suggs' workout either. "It was a good workout, not a special workout," Angelo said. "The perception about him is that he's a special player based on the production he had last year, which was phenomenal. You don't want to get too carried away in terms of the measureables, even if they weren't what everybody thought they would be."

If McNair and Houston GM Charley Casserly were disappointed enough to be thrown off Suggs' track, the Bears could get their man. The team is clearly in need of a first-class pass rusher and that hasn't changed even if Suggs' workout was on the ordinary side. Their chances of getting the opportunity to pick Suggs appear to have improved, a scenario that should make life for head coach Dick Jauron and defensive coordinator Greg Blache much more pleasant.

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