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Just a few weeks now before the Draft and sometimes it seems as if that will never come. Other times, it seems that it will be here incredibly soon.

I took the weekend off and relaxed in Florida. I played golf with my brother Brian. It was good to get away from football just for a little while. That tends to clear the mind a little bit. Now I'm back in Atlanta, refreshed and ready to give a final push. I'll be heading to Chicago sometime early next week to get ready for that try out at Halas Hall.

My agent said that I had feelers during the past week from Oakland and the Green Bay. Evidently, the Patriots called again as well. It's good to know that there has been definite interest from some of the NFL teams.

I get asked a lot if I want to go with the Bears. Sure, it would be great to play in Chicago. That's why I'm looking forward to the drills at their practice facility. Phillip Daniels and Bryan Robinson are here at Competitive Edge in Atlanta right now. That's where they do a lot of their off season training. Of course, I know a lot of the other Chicago players through Brian. It's a good team and Chicago would be a fine place to play.

The players here in Atlanta who have been training for the Draft for the past few months are more than ready for this to be over. My guess is that we have at least 5 first rounders at Competitive Edge Sports. They're good guys and I think that they will do well.

Do we discuss other college players? Sure we do. You can bet that (DT) Terrell Suggs of Arizona State came up in conversation quite a bit during the past week. His tryout was a surprise in some ways, but not that surprising in others. He's known for his sacks. I think that he had a total of 24 last season. He also is said to have pretty good speed in the 40. So what happened? His speed wasn't what it should have been. I think he was expected to get around a 4.6 in the 40. I think what he got was around 4.77-4.9. That might have been because of the extra weight he put on since the college season ended.

His bench press and vertical jump weren't that great either. I heard that he had tapes showing that he could do much better. That might be true, but with tapes, you only show exactly what you want the scouts to see. When you are working out for them in person, whatever happens, happens. Suggs probably lost a few draft positions and quite a bit of money.

I've been asked about pre-draft publicity. Is it good or is it bad? In other words, if somebody like Suggs goes into a try out with a lot of positive word of mouth, are expectations for him too high? I don't think so. Either you perform well or you don't. What people have said about you ahead of time doesn't really make much difference. A lot of the guys are better than their clippings, and a lot of them are worse. It's all just speculation. You never really know where anybody will end up until the Draft has ended.

I plan to spend Draft Day watching the first few rounds on TV. I haven't decided yet whether I'll stay here in Atlanta for it, or come back to Chicago. Those first rounds can take forever. Later Saturday, I'll go out and do errands or just hang out the same thing goes for Sunday. You can be sure that I'll have my cell phone handy, though, just in case.

The Sunday Draft rounds tend to move a lot quicker than Saturday's. I think that by the time the teams get to their lower picks, they have a pretty good idea who they want from the players that might still be available. You grab your guy and wait for the next round. Then late Sunday night or early Monday, there's always the chance of signing as a free agent. By Monday night, most players know where they will be going.

Mini camp follows the draft, so you keep your workouts going until that is over. Then, I suspect that many of the new rookies will relax for a week or two before the second mini camp and training camp begin. So, there's a lot going on right now. I'll let you know how things go as we get closer to that last try out.

Beth Gorr contributed to this article.

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