Talent to work with

The Bears only pass rusher with more than five sacks left the team via free agency. With that in mind Richard Dent could help turn potential into production.

Alex Brown is the first player that Dent mentioned as he joined the team Tuesday as an assistant defensive line coach.

"I think he has all the ingredients," Dent said. "He just needs someone to kind of buff him and keep him shiny."

Brown set a Florida record with 33 sacks, but the transition to the pros proved difficult as he had just 2.5 as a rookie.

"I feel that some of them (young players) are just a little rough around the edges," Dent said. "If you can influence them in some ways to making them a little bit better, giving them the opportunity to do what they do best, that should be a great thing."

At this point Brown is the team's starting right end. In order to be a fulltime player he will need to continue to play the run and get to the quarterback. Coming out of Florida Brown had a reputation for not working hard and being weak against the run. He proved both of those statements wrong. However, now production as well as effort is needed.

Dent also said that clocked speed is overrated when it comes to judging talent. Meaning Terrell Suggs poor forty time isn't as big of a deal as scouts are making it out to be.

Whether or not GM Jerry Angelo feels the same way is yet to be determined. Although, the addition of Suggs to go with Brown would give Dent a lot of young talent to work with and who better than the Sack Master to teach how to get to the passer.

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