Second chance

The Bears are in desperate need of a pass rusher and <!--Default NodeId For Terrell Suggs is 318755,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:318755]>Terrell Suggs</A> looked to fit the bill, until the defensive end had a poor forty time. However, next week the Bears will be among those in attendance of a second private workout by Suggs.

In a previous workout, the Arizona State star was disappointing for a player as highly regarded as he is, his times in the 40-yard dash being close to 4.8 seconds. The NCAA's record holder for sacks in a single season has fallen out of the top five in some predraft projections.

Bears defensive line assistant Richard Dent has seen Suggs' 40-yard dash times, and the team's all-time sacks leader pointed out that his own times were 4.8 and 4.7 seconds in the 40 when he came into the NFL out Tennessee State.

Then again, Dent was an eighth-round pick and not one of the top five picks in the draft.

"It's a situation where I think he has all the ingredients," Dent said of Suggs. "It's all about on the field. Jerry Rice had a slow 40, but look at him now. A slow 40 is OK.

"It all comes down to will. If you've got the will, there's a way."

Bears general manager Jerry Angelo has also been at workouts for such top players as quarterbacks Carson Palmer (Southern California) and Byron Leftwich (Marshall) and defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy (Penn State).

In addition, quarterback Kyle Boller (California) visited Halas Hall Thursday and quarterback Chris Simms (Texas) will visit today.

Suggs, defensive tackle Dewayne Robertson and cornerback Terence Newman visited earlier this week.

The visits to Halas Hall include only interviews or film sessions, not workouts.

"Some of them are people we don't feel like we know enough about," Coach Dick Jauron said. "Some of them are certainly people we're very interested in at a specific pick. So there's a mixture of people that we'll bring in."

Later in the month, a handful of collegiate players from area schools will go through a light workout at Halas Hall.

"I think it's good experience for the young men that come in, and it's a very good thing for us," Jauron said. "The players that we don't get in the draft, we have a relationship with down the road. They may become available at some time."

After visiting with players, Jauron said he invariably wishes the team had more draft picks.

"I love it and I hate it," he said. "I love it because it is so exciting and you have an opportunity to add some outstanding players to your roster. And I hate it because you spend all this time looking at all these players and you want them all. You want all these players on your roster and you're not going to get them."

The draft will be held April 26-27.

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