Trading Places

With no clear choice with the fourth overall selection is it time for the Bears to trade down in order to pick an extra player or two? There are four teams with two first round picks, but do any of them want to move up.

The health of Terrence Newman could determine a lot when it comes to the Bears flexibility to make a trade. The New Orleans Saints, New York Jets and New England Patriots all covet the cornerback. The Saints own the 17th and 18th selections, while the Jets pick 13th and 21st and the Patriots have the 14th and 19th choices.

The Oakland Raiders also have two first round selections, but they're at the end of the first round (31, 32) and that wouldn't be enough value for the fourth pick in the draft.

The draft is deep on the defensive line and trading down would still give the Bears a chance to select a quality defensive end or tackle to upgrade the defense and the second selection could be used on a cornerback or an offensive player.

Currently, the players the Bears are targeting with the fourth pick include Dewayne Robertson, Jimmy Kennedy and Terrell Suggs.

Suggs has another workout scheduled before the draft in an attempt to improve his forty time, which was clocked in the high 4.7's and low 4.8's.

Kennedy and Robertson would add youth to the aging interior of the defense, but what impact they would have right away with veterans ahead of them is not certain.

Ted Washington is on the mend from his foot and ankle injury. Keith Traylor could be released, but at this point is being counted on for next year. Bryan Robinson will move inside fulltime making Alfonso Boone nothing more than a sub.

If the team isn't sold on a particular player at four then look for the team to trade down, but it wouldn't be until draft day. Making a deal now limits the bargaining power of being on the clock. The Bears have three players to choose from; so nobody wants to move up they still have the option of going with one the defensive linemen.

However, adding an additional player in the first round would upgrade the talent level immediately and make them a better team long-term.

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