Could be headed for Chicago

The tryout at Halas Hall went very well. I feel much better about it than I did after the pro day at Northwestern. The entire process lasted about 3 1/2 hours.

I wasn't happy about my time in the 40. It was only around 4.6,4.7 or so, not really what I am capable of, but I think that will be good enough. My bench press was good and I was satisfied with my performance in the agility drills.

This was a private tryout for the Bears. They had me at both offense and defense. That's what I did at Lake Forest College, so it was a very comfortable situation for me to be in.

Brian drove me to Halas Hall then he stayed while I worked out. That was a very good thing as far as I was concerned. I didn't feel any added pressure at all with him watching. I knew that he was there to support me. He saw what I did and talked to me about it later. He has been in the league for a while now, so he can see what I do well, and what might need some work.

You don't get any feedback from the scouts at the time of the try out. That always comes later and it's usually your agent who will hear first from anybody who might be interested. I'm hoping that he will begin getting more calls tomorrow.

My agent did talk to Jerry Angelo the other day about Brian's contract. He told me that they also discussed my prospects. I'd like to play for the Bears, and I feel confident that was conveyed to Bears management. My agent told me that Jerry and the Bears do have an interest in me. Playing in Chicago seems to be a strong possibility at this point.

So, there's not much more to do now but wait and see how things turn out. I'm definitely ready for a break in this routine. It's unbelievable to me how tiring the whole draft process can be. Today, my feet feel like they have lead weights. My legs are unbelievably heavy. I can hardly move. Every muscle in my body is sore. I'm on the way to the airport soon then I'm headed back to Atlanta. What do I plan to do during the flight? Sleep!

The pre draft period is a very difficult thing. You get yourself in top shape after months of working out. Then, you have a day or two to show the scouts what you can do. You give everything you've got physically of course, but there is a mental aspect to the whole thing as well.

Your attitude towards the game can be as important as your physical skills. Do you have a good work ethic? Do you want to compete? If not, you don't belong in the league. You can believe that those are the things every scout is looking for. It takes a lot of concentration and effort and when the process is complete, you're drained.

I spoke to Chip Smith at Competitive Edge Sports today. He told me that the most important thing that I can do right now is to rest. Sure, I'll probably do some work for a day or two, but then I really think it's about time to take a breather.

My plan is to chill out in Atlanta for about a week, then to head back up to Chicago and watch the draft from there. I'm hopeful that I will be picked. If so, it would probably be in one of the later rounds. If that doesn't happen, there's always free agency. One way or another, I feel confident that I'll be in some team's mini camp this year.

Beth Gorr contributed to this article.

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