Instant impact unlikely

Whether a quarterback is selected in the first round or goes undrafted it takes time to adjust to the NFL game. The Bears will select a quarterback in this draft, but the luxury of <!--Default NodeId For Kordell Stewart is 664678,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:664678]>Kordell Stewart</A> will allow whomever that QB is to develop.

Expecting a quarterback to come in and make an immediate impact is unrealistic.

"The learning curve tends to be steeper and somewhat slower for a player in that position just because there's a lot to learn as a new NFL quarterback," said Coach Dick Jauron.

Stewart is the Bears starter and at this point Chris Chandler is the backup. The third quarterback on the roster will be the one they draft.

"Kordell is our man," Jauron said. "There's no question about that. We want to make him our guy just as long as he can play. In the draft, there are a lot of young players with a tremendous amount of potential.

Inducting the new quarterback into the offense will be a group effort with offensive coordinator John Shoop and quarterbacks coach Greg Olson heading the project. However, as time goes on Olson will take on the mentor role.

"I see the percentage of time that I spend with him decreasing over time and Greg Olson's time with him increasing," Shoop said of how a rookie quarterback would be handled.

Jauron was very positive about Byron Leftwich, a player the are Bears unlikely to go after with the fourth pick.

"I've had very good reports about Leftwich recently," Jauron said. "Our people tell me that he is stronger and playing better after his injury rehabilitation than before. I like his arm and his accuracy. He has an excellent completion percentage and his judgment in pressure situations is very good for his age and experience. Overall, I'd say that we feel he has a huge arm and could be a fine producer.

One player the Bears are hoping is around in the second round (35th pick) is Chris Simms, who Jauron called a "playmaker."

"He's got good skills, and the transition to the NFL shouldn't be very much of an adjustment for him as he is used to being in a high profile situation," Jauron said.

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