Chips falling into place

With the first selection in the draft assured to be <!--Default NodeId For Carson Palmer is 310241,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:310241]>Carson Palmer</A>, the pivotal slot will be the fourth pick.

At the second and third pick the Detroit Lions and Houston Texans will select receivers Charles Rogers and Andre Johnson respectively.

Now, that brings us to the Chicago Bears. At one point it looked as if Terrell Suggs was a lock, but a poor forty time dropped him out of the fourth slot. Quarterback would make sense. However, the team needs a player to come in and make an impact as a rookie and that won't happen as Kordell Stewart is the starter.

Although, there are a few teams with multiple first round picks looking to move up, the Bears are content to take Dewayne Robertson, defensive tackle from Kentucky.

"He's the package," said Bears GM Jerry Angelo said about the 6-foot-1, 324-pound Robertson. "It's hard to compare him to somebody like (Warren) Sapp. Those guys don't come around too often. But if there's somebody like (Sapp), it's him."

Angelo called the New York Jets last month to find out if they were interested in moving up. The Jets have the 13th and 22nd picks in Round 1.

"Very preliminary, but that's the extent of it right now," he said, before adding that trade talks traditionally gain momentum during draft week.

If Angelo decides to trade of out the pick then that could have a chain reaction on the rest of the round. Dallas (5th pick) and Minnesota (7th) are also looking to move down, but if the Bears do it first then the other two clubs could lose out.

The New England Patriots have talked with the Bears in the last week about sending the 14th and 19th picks to Chicago for the fourth pick and the team's second round choice 35th overall. When the Patriots asked the Bears to include the additional pick Angelo rightly refused.

However, when the Bears are on the clock the Patriots could feel more desperate to make a move. They want to upgrade their defense and would select either Robertson or cornerback Terrence Newman.

The New Orleans Saints, who own the 17th and 18th overall selections, could also come calling on draft day, but the Bears option is to wait until they're on the clock because that's when they'll have the most bargaining power.

If no move is made, then Dewayne Robertson will be the Bears 2003 first-round pick.

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