Jay Cutler Organizing Workouts

Typically, NFL teams would now be starting player programs and practices. As such, many NFL players, Jay Cutler included, are organizing off-site workouts with teammates during the lockout.

An article with a very interesting headline surfaced late last week in my inbox, written by the good folks at ESPNChicago.com:

"Jay Cutler has yet to organize workouts."

It's not surprising a media company that last year published an article calling Cutler "as popular as gout" ignored every other player on the Bears' roster and singled out its polarizing quarterback.

Then today, another article sent to my inbox, this time written by Kevin Seifert, who handles ESPN's NFC North beat:

QB Jay Cutler
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"Bears workouts to start soon."

If you think it's a coincidence the negative headline includes Cutler's name while the positive one doesn't, I've got a bridge in New Jersey I'd like to sell you.

Yet it may just be a good thing that every media outlet outside of Chicago, and many in the Windy City, bashes Cutler as if he were their redheaded stepchild. At this point, it's hard to believe any of the nonstop criticism has any affect on him anymore. That disengagement will come in handy when the vitriol inevitably ramps up this season.

The piece refers to an interview Cutler gave over the weekend at one of his charity events to Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun Times. In it, Cutler talks about his plan to get the offense together in the next few weeks.

From the article:

[Cutler] told the Sun-Times that "now is the time for everyone to kind of get together and brush it off, and we're going to do that here in the next couple of weeks.

"Everything is locked and loaded."

Asked if those workouts would start this week, Cutler said, "Maybe.

"We'll see. We're about to do something here soon enough. But no one is probably going to know about it."

Cutler said the workouts would be for offensive players only.

For the Bears' offense, this comes as good news. Now is when players would typically begin working out together, so it makes sense for Cutler to begin renewing some of the chemistry and timing with his receivers.

Players for many other NFL teams began conducting similar workouts the past few weeks. Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, Eli Manning, Mark Sanchez and more were all lauded for getting together their teammates.

The Bears' offense looks to be on the same track. Yet, while it's good for quarterbacks and receivers to spend time with each other, workouts for members of the offensive line would be more valuable. That won't happen though, for without Mike Tice and Mike Martz, there would be no point. Olin Kreutz's free agent status makes that nearly impossible as well.

For now though, the Bears, like all teams in the league, will have to make do with the hand they are being dealt, even if the coverage of the team's actions are unquestionably skewed.

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