Glimpse of the future

Every team in the NFL is optimistic following the draft and the Bears were no different as they formally introduced their pair of first-round picks in <!--Default For Michael Haynes is to ignore-->Michael Haynes and <!--Default For Rex Grossman is to ignore-->Rex Grossman.

"This is a proud day for our organization," said Bears GM Jerry Angelo. "We're very excited and enthusiastic with our two number one draft picks."

Angelo has been reading the local papers and said that he didn't agree of one assessment of the Bears draft.

"Somebody eluded to that we lowered our sights when we traded down and got two number one draft picks, I would like to think we broadened our horizons."

Besides that comment the question and answer session with the media was upbeat.

Haynes stepped to the podium first, full of optimism.

"I'm very excited for this opportunity and I'm just really excited to get Chicago back to where it belongs," Haynes said. "The past couple days have been full of excitement."

The ghost of Cade McNown is still haunting the Bears. When Rex Grossman was asked if he'd wear jersey number 8, he replied:

"I've been number 8 since middle school, but I know there is a little bit of a tarnish on that," Grossman said referring to McNown wearing the number.

The Bears could care less which number Grossman wears, but hope he posts number than McNown.

Thus far, the only number Grossman has posted is two, which is the number of people that recognized him while he was walking around in downtown Chicago visiting his pregnant sister.

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