A fan's opinion on the draft

The Bears added 12 players in the draft and then signed a few undrafted free agents. What do the fans think of their choices? Well, here's one fan's opinion.

1A. Michael Haynes - DE - Penn St. 6' 3 5/8 - 280# 4.7 forty yard dash
I watched Penn St. every chance I got because I loved to watch this guy play. In my humble opinion he's the best all around DE in the draft. I want to replace Philip Daniels. Too costly for no more production than you get, so we have to draft another DE next year. You need three. His 7 forced fumbles were as impressive to me as his 15 QB sacks. He plays either side of the line and plays the run well.

1B. Rex Grossman - QB - Florida 6' 1 - 217# 4.9 forty
Ex-49ers coach and ex-genius, Bill Walsh, says you should be extremely cautious about drafting him because he makes disastrous decisions. This is the same Bill Walsh who said drafting Cade McNown would be a great move. I believed him. Scouts either loved or hated Grossman's potential. Green Bay would have taken him on the first round if we hadn't. You don't' have to be great to lead a team to the Super Bowl, but you have to be good. The last three Super Bowl winning QBs were Dilfer, Brady and Johnson. Were any of them great? No, but they were good. Grossman will be at a minimum - good.

2. Charles Tillman - CB - Louisiana-Lafayette 6' 1 - 207# 4.49
I was stunned when they used the 35th pick of the draft on him. I wouldn't have been quite as shocked if they'd used their third round pick on him. I have to give the scouting staff the benefit of the doubt. He's got a great size/speed ratio and Pro Football Weekly says he has the body to gain another 10 pounds (in case you'd want to use him as a safety). Our starting CBs are 5' 10 and 5' 9.

3. Lance Briggs - LB - Arizona 6' 1 242# 4.74
I had other LBs in mind, but again I have to give the Bears the benefit of the doubt. PFW had him rated the 15th best outside linebacker in the draft, but he played middle linebacker at Arizona. 4.74 doesn't sound very fast, but it's quite a bit faster than Colvin. Colvin looked so slow to me when chasing someone. He did one thing well and that was rushing the passer. Briggs might be a better linebacker. He certainly had the numbers at AZ. (You know Colvin signed with N.E., don't you?)

4A. Todd Johnson - S - Florida 6' 1 206# Florida 4.50
I wanted a guy who could play strong and free safety. Johnson can and has. He's faster than any safety we have. He's bigger than Mike Green and Mike Brown. He's taller than any safety we have. This is important when covering a tight end. Most TEs dwarf the guy covering them. Smart and tough - this is a good pick.

4B. Ian Scott - DT - Florida 6' 2 310# 5.1
Would have been better off to stay in school. Was a bright up and coming DT his first two years, but injuries and a new coaching staff held him back last year. I looked at my college football preview book and he was rated first team All-SEC going into the year. He's going to have to erase my doubts. He's certainly big enough and strong enough.

5A. Bobby Wade - WR - Arizona 5' 10 190# 4.65
He's not fast or big, but he's one of the most important draft choices we made. He was drafted to return punts and kicks. He's described as more quick than fast. He catches everything and gets open. Remember Ricky Proehl. Who did the Rams put in the game on a crucial third down? I really like this pick.

5B. Justin Gage - WR - Missouri 6' 4 217# 4.46
Two sleepers at receiver were Arnaz Battle of Notre Dame and Justin Gage of Missouri. Both started as QBs and switched to WR. Gage is a real prospect. The poop on him is that he has great body control, can make acrobatic catches and catches in a crowd. Move over Dez White. We gave Jacksonville two 6th rounders and a 7th rounder in order to move up to get Gage. So why did we take Wade first? They wanted to get their returner in the fold first.

5C. Tron LaFavor - DT - Florida 6' 2 286# 5.1
Jerry Angelo likes the quick, penetrating Tampa type DT, but I don't know about this one. Injuries kept him down and he did little to distinguish himself at Florida. You'd like to think that your fifth round choices could make your team. I see him as a practice squad player at best.

6A. Joe Odom - LB - Purdue 6' 1 240# 4.55
Now this is someone I know something about. Wow! Odom is big linebacker, who has decent speed. With athletic ability to burn, he just doesn't translate it into football ability. He bites on fakes and doesn't wrap up like you'd want a good linebacker to do. I've seen him miss tackles by going high. And yet, if he's coachable (which is in doubt in my mind), you could have a gem. His athleticism enabled him to make a lot of plays. His best chance to make the team is on special teams until the light goes on.

6B. Brock Forsey - RB - Boise St. 5' 11 200# 4.6
Now here's the exact opposite of Odom. There are no impressive measurables to wow you - just production. I watched him just once during the season. I was so impressed the way he could pick the hole and burst through. He's a great receiver out of the backfield. I'm really pulling for this guy, but he has to prove he can do something else - like cover kicks - to make the team.

7. Bryan Anderson - G - Pittsburgh 6' 4 321# 5.3
Mike Green is the only 7th round choice to make the team in recent memory, but this guy may be hard to cut. He missed only one game in 4 years. Pitt had a good running game. I have a feeling about him. We have a lot of guys who can play guard, but Villarrial is a free agent after this season. We won't overpay to keep him.

There are some interesting undrafted free agent signings.

Pete Lougheed - OT - Purdue 6' 5 300#
We have two behemoths as back up tackles. Neither can play left tackle. We'd like to have a guy that we call a swing tackle (can play either side) to back up Gandy and Colombo.

Brooks Barnard - P - Maryland
Barnard was a great college punter that could Brad Maynard competition. I could live with Maynard until I think about his $1 million salary. He only messes up at critical times - never when we're ahead by two touchdowns. (Remember the playoff game?) Every time he does that his salary pops into my head. I would have preferred that we signed a punter who also kicks off, but lets see what kind of competition he'll give Maynard.

Julius Curry - S - Michigan 5 ‘11 200# 4.57
Interesting former running back who is still learning defense. Keep in mind the five-player practice squad. I think you need a DB, RB and WR on this squad.

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