Is Plax Headed to Chicago?

Fresh off a two-year stint in prison, wide receiver Plaxico Burress is looking to return to the NFL. He recently mentioned the Bears as one of three potential landing spots once the lockout ends.

Wide receiver Plaxico Burress will be a free agent once the lockout ends and there's no telling how much interest there will be in a 34-year-old wide receiver coming off a 20-month prison term, but that hasn't stopped him from a media blitz.

Burress has taken advantage of the dearth of offseason news by keeping himself in the media's radar, and on Tuesday told the "Carmen, Jurko & Harry" radio show that the Chicago Bears are one of three teams he's interested in playing for.

WR Plaxico Burress
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"Oh without question, without a doubt (the Bears are among his top three choices)," Burress told the ESPN 1000 radio show. "My decision making is going to come down to what I said, playing with an elite quarterback, playing with a running game, playing with a great tight end, and Greg Olsen is already that guy, in my estimation he'll be a Pro Bowler this season.

"That's the same situation I went into when I made my decision to go to New York (to play with the Giants), and it's a pretty similar situation."

Burress has already said playing with Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick would be "a dream come true." Who the third team on Burress' wish list is remains uncertain. Last week he praised the New York Jets and coach Rex Ryan, while also saying he believes the Houston Texans are an up-and-coming team to watch for.

"I can't say where I'm already going," Burress told the radio show. "There are a lot of situations for me to go into. It's not solely going to be based on how much I'm going to be making. It's going to be based on me putting myself in a great situation. Me going to a city where I'm going to be embraced by the fans, and going to an organization that I can help and make the other players around me have the impact, go out and score some touchdowns and hopefully win the Super Bowl."

Burress was released from prison June 6 after serving nearly two years on gun charges.

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