Angelo: No Divide Between Coaches, Management

Bears GM Jerry Angelo says rumors of dissension inside the Bears' front office regarding the team's decision not to re-sign longtime center Olin Kreutz are far from the truth.

General manager Jerry Angelo took exception to media reports that said there was a divide between the front office and the coaching staff on the decision not to re-sign veteran unrestricted free agent center Olin Kreutz.

"I resent the fact that something was written that said there is a divide," Angelo. "Regardless of what anybody says, that's not true. That's a lie, and it's fabricated, and I resented that when I read that. That, to me, was dirty pool."

Angelo did hint that there was some disagreement, however.

"Do we agree on everything?," he said. "Absolutely not. You don't agree on everything with your wife. How am I going to agree with 18 coaches and 15 scouts? It doesn't work that way. But at the end of the day, we've got to make a decision and we all agree on one thing: once we make a decision, we're all for it. We're going to make it work. That's what teams do.

"So we talk through it. Things were said. We weighed them. We did our best. We had an offer (to Kreutz). We bumped our offer. We did the very best we could. So now we're going to just let the chips fall where they may and we're going to move forward."

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