Time to perform

Following the draft GM Jerry Angelo issued a challenge to <!--Default NodeId For David Terrell is 722209,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:722209]>David Terrell</A>, which the receiver responded to at the team's mini-camp. The problem is Terrell has been talking for too long.

Terrell has never backed down from a question and when asked about Angelo saying that fifth-round pick Justin Gage would push him for playing time he responded.

"I don't need a challenge by a rookie, I don't need a challenge by nobody," Terrell said. "My challenge is to go out there and get my job done for the other guys that I play for on offense and defense and try to get a win."

In two seasons with the Bears, Terrell has 43 receptions, which is not enough production from a third-round pick let alone the 8th pick in the draft. At times Terrell's confidence can be mistaken for a lack of urgency.

"It's May and right now is the time for us to go out here and practice hard and get better to prepare for August and September so when it comes then we know what to do and we're ready," Terrell said. "The main purpose is to get ready right now."

Terrell had best be ready when training camp starts because Angelo didn't draft him and thus has no loyalty for the former Michigan star.

"If he's (Angelo) not happy with David Terrell and what I bring to this organization, he knows what to do," Terrell said. "He knows what to do, so I play for the Bears. He supplies this organization, but mostly I play for those other guys in there. Jerry Angelo, he's just my GM and right now I'm faced with going out and trying to get better as a player to help my team."

Despite missing the final 11 games of the 2002 season, Terrell is quick to point out that of nine receptions three went for touchdowns including two game winning scores. Still, the brash receiver knows it's time to prove his worth.

"I got hurt after the (fifth) game last year and it took a toll on me but I'm back and it's a new year and really it's like my second year," Terrell said. "These things take time and right now what I'm going to do is go out and get better and I'm going to win that starting job, I ain't going to worry about a rookie coming behind me trying to push me or challenge me, I'm going to challenge myself. I'm going to win a starting job."

For the Bears sake, hope Terrell is right. If not, then Marty Booker will be double-teamed the entire year and Dez White will go from a good third receiver to an average starter.

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