The latest from the NFL Owners' Meetings

Despite building a state of the art facility, Chicago will not host a Super Bowl anytime soon. However, that doesn't mean cold weather stadiums aren't being considered to host the countries biggest game.

The NFL appears to have settled on Miami as the site for the 2007 Super Bowl. Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said owners are close to agreeing that the Super Bowl scheduled for February 2007 be held in Pro Player Stadium. Final approval will likely be given during a special meeting Sept. 17.

Meanwhile, a pair of northern sites -- New York/New Jersey and Washington, D.C. -- are among four candidates that have emerged to play host to the 2008 Super Bowl. Arizona and Tampa are also being considered.

"I think there is pretty strong sentiment among the ownership that New York is unique for entertainment and Washington is unique as the center of politics," Tagliabue said of the '08 decision. "I have no personal preference. I think these give us four areas which could be excellent for a Super Bowl, provided the stadium is right."

The Raiders and Rams left L.A. after the 1994 season, but the NFL is working on delivering a team to the city.

Owners also authorized Tagliabue to continue to work with representatives of Pasadena, Calif., and the Rose Bowl, and of Carson City, Calif., and a development group there regarding a stadium that would finally result in an NFL team returning to the Los Angeles area.

"Both of these projects are symmetrical," Tagliabue said. "That means they both have the potential to be state-of-the-art stadiums, and neither one involves any ownership (of a team)."

Although Carson City is the only one for which the NFL could put up "a sum of money intended to cover some of the costs of the initial development period," the commissioner said the league was not leaning more heavily toward one city or the other.

"It's a dead heat right now," Tagliabue said. "We've been in discussions with both of these cities for quite some time. We met with both groups in early March and we are continuing to go forward on a parallel basis."

Tagliabue said the earliest a team could be expected to play in either location was 2006. With no plans for expanding the 32-team league on the immediate horizon, it seems the most likely means of Los Angeles getting an NFL team is through relocation.

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