View from a fan

Ron Pfeiffer isn't happy with what the Bears have done this offseason and is calling out Bears management.

GM Jerry Angelo is among the worst in football. He is a poor judge of talent in both free agency and the draft. Most think signing Kordell Stewart was an upgrade, but the $5 million bucks the team spent on signing him could have been used to re-sign Rosevelt Colvin. Jeff Blake would have cost less and brings a similar game.

Then the draft proved Angelo is afraid to take a chance. He traded the fourth pick in the draft for two lower picks, which was a mistake because he lost the opportunity to select Terrell Suggs. Michael Haynes and Rex Grossman are both good players, but lack the impact that Suggs will have. Byron Leftwich would have been a better option for a long-term solution to the quarterback position.

The rest of the draft picks are obscure players that seemed to be reaches. Who are Charles Tillman, Lance Briggs, Todd Johnson, Ian Scott, Bobby Wade, Justin Gage, Tron LaFavor, Joe Odom, Brock Forsey and Bryan Anderson? We needed a speed back and there two were available in the later rounds in Justin Fargas and Onterrio Smith, but we went with Johnson despite the fact that we already have depth at safety.

At this point, the Bears can't turn things around until they find someone to build the roster.

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