No fine for Moore … yet

Bears cornerback D.J. Moore hasn't received any news from the league about his role in Sunday's scrum. For now, he said he's focused on the task at hand: preparing for the San Diego Chargers.

No news was good news for D.J. Moore when he arrived at Halas Hall today. Moore, who was ejected from the Lions game on Sunday after an altercation with Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford, had expected to hear from the NFL by now.

"We heard rumors about the fines that were going to be levied today once the officials had the chance to review the game film," Moore said. "I think a lot of players were concerned about looking in their lockers. It's the official looking white envelope that would contain the bad news. I'm hoping that since there was no envelope, there will be no fine."

But even if the dustup had caused a financial hit for Moore, there's nothing he would have done differently.

"We were protecting our turf," Moore said. "It's like somebody walking into your house. You're not going to just let them in to do anything they want. You have a certain responsibility to your team when you step out on the field. You don't want to see anybody acting that way out there. I was just protecting our team the way I thought it should have been done. No disrespect to Stafford but I remain somewhat puzzled as to why he wasn't ejected as well."

And although the Lions had 329 total yards, compared to Chicago's 216, much of Detroit's forward progress was negated by two fumbles and four interceptions.

"I thought it was their best outing of the season," Jay Cutler said. "It was impressive. Our defense was playing at such a high level. They were able to stop the run, to throw the Lions completely off balance. The fact that a fight broke out was certainly an indication of Detroit's frustration with the way things were going for their offense."

Next up for the Bears is San Diego, a team that has lost four straight games. Will it be an easy matchup for Chicago?

"No not by any stretch of the imagination," Moore said. "In fact, that is exactly the kind of a team you need to watch out for. If you read their scores, it's quite clear that they could have won most of their games. Their record might have been 7-2, even 8-1 coming in here. It's the kind of situation that you call a trap game. Don't pay attention and you're going to be sorry. Rivers is a very good quarterback. They have some big, fast receivers out there, and they can establish a strong running game. Actually, this is a game I'm definitely looking forward to. It's our job not to have a letdown and to keep the positive momentum going."

And what about the frustration factor? Is a fight likely to break out again?

"I certainly hope not," said Moore. "That isn't the reason we're out there. We need to be doing our job, stopping the Chargers offense and giving our own offense the opportunity to get this game. Positive momentum is extremely important for our team right now. You have to feel that way to get to the playoffs, concentrated, focused on what's important. One fight was more than enough for me. I might have escaped a fine this time, but the next time? I'm not so sure."

Beth Gorr has been covering the Bears for the last 12 years and is the author of Bear Memories: The Chicago-Green Bay Rivalry. She is currently working on a second book about early Bears history.

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