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It probably isn't too hard to figure out who ranks first Bears' history in many categories. <P> Legends such as Walter Payton, George Halas and Gary Fencik top some obvious charts in Bears' history. Those are the gimees but how about the players who rank second in club history in some prominent departments? <P> How much do you know about some notable seconds in Bears' history? Here are 11 questions and a stumper on some No. 2s in Bear annals.

1. Who is second among Bear kickers with 629 points?
A. Kevin Butler
B. Mac Percival
C. Bob Thomas
D. Roger LeClerc

2. George Halas was the first Bear coach to lead the team to an NFL title. Who was the second?
A. Paddy Driscoll
B. Ralph Jones
C. Mike Ditka
D. Jim Dooley

3. Name the one-time Redskin coach who is second in Bears' history with 37 interceptions.
A. Richie Petitbon
B. George Allen
C. Jack Pardee
D. Dave Whitsell

4. Who was the second player from Southern California the Bears drafted in the first round?
A. Mark Carrier
B. Mike Hull
C. Curtis Conway
D. Keith Van Horne

5. Who is second in Bear annals with 92.5 sacks?
A. Steve McMichael
B. Jim Osborne
C. Dan Hampton
D. Mike Hartenstine

6. Whose average of 6.9 yards a rush ranks second in Bear history?
A. Brad Muster
B. Bobby Douglass
C. Dennis Gentry
D. Rashaan Salaam

7. Who did the Bears play their second game against in their Super Bowl championship season of 1985?
A. Green Bay
B. Minnesota
C. New England
D. Miami

8. Who is second in Bear annals with seven 300-yard passing games?
A. Vince Evans
B. Steve Walsh
C. Erik Kramer
D. Bill Wade

9. Which current NFL coach is second in Bear history with 123 punt returns?
A. Jeff Fisher
B. Dick Jauron
C. Herman Edwards
D. Mike Sherman

10. Whose 38 fumbles rank second on the Bears' all-time list?
A. Gary Huff
B. Mike Tomczak
C. Raymont Harris
D. Jim Harbaugh

11. Who was second on the 2000 Bears with 326 rushing yards?
A. Curtis Enis
B. Cade McNown
C. Glyn Milburn
D. Marlon Barnes

Who is second in Bears' history with 6,166 rushing yards?


1. C, Bob Thomas. The Notre Dame product rolled up 629 points for the Bears from 1975 to 1984. Kevin Butler is the Bears' all-time leader with 1,116 points.

2. C, Mike Ditka. "Da Coach" with the 1985 Super Bowl winners is the only other coach other than Papa Bear to lead the Bears to a championship.

3. A, Richie Petitbon. The crafty safety picked off 37 passes between 1959 and 1968. Petitbon, who coached the Redskins in 1993, was the Bears' career leader in interceptions until Gary Fencik broke his record in 1987.

4. D, Keith Van Horne. The Bears used the 11th overall pick to take the mammoth Van Horne in the 1981 draft. The Bears made that selection 13 years after they made Mike Hull their first USC selection in the first round.

5. A, Steve McMichael. "Mongo" logged his 92.5 sacks while wearing No. 76 for the Bears from 1981 to 1993. Richard Dent is first in franchise history with 124.5 sacks.

6. B, Bobby Douglass. The strong-legged quarterback out of Kansas averaged 6.9 yards a rush in 1972. The left-hander ran 161 times for 968 yards. Beattie Feathers averaged a Bears' and NFL record 9.9 yards a tote in 1934.

7. C, New England. In Week 2, the 1985 Bears downed the New England Patriots 20-7 at Soldier Field. About four months later, the Bears got a rematch with the Pats in Super Bowl XX and came away with a 46-10 win.

8. C, Erik Kramer. From 1994 to 1998, Kramer put up seven 300-yard passing games. He fell two short of Bill Wade's club record accomplished between 1961 and 1966.

9. A, Jeff Fisher. The current coach of the Tennessee Titans ran back 123 punts for 1,137 yards for the Bears between 1981 and 1984. Dennis McKinnon is club's career leader with 127 punt returns.

10. D, Jim Harbaugh. The Michigan product fumbled the ball 38 times for the Bears between 1987 and 1993. He is well behind Bear leader Walter Payton, who fumbled 85 times between 1975 and 1987.

11. B, Cade McNown. The left-hander finished second on the 2000 Bears with 326 rushing yards. McNown averaged 6.5 yards a carry and scored three touchdowns. James Allen led the Bears with 1,120 rushing yards that year.

Neal Anderson. The man who took over for Walter Payton wound up second to "Sweetness" on the Bears' all-time rushing list. Three 1,000-yard rushing seasons helped Anderson accrue his 6,166 yards between 1986 and 1993.

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