Reason for optimism

Julie Hesprich thinks the Bears have good things ahead of them and that fans are being too critical.

All the negativity I'm hearing from Bears fans is nauseating. What's wrong with you people? We have a lot to be optimistic about.

We have Kordell Stewart at QB. He is a welcomed improvement over Jim Miller. Stewart is a mobile quarterback, which is something the Bears have lacked since the days of Jim McMahon.

Trading down in the first-round of the draft was the right thing move. The team got two players for the price of one. This allowed GM Jerry Angelo to take a defensive player and a quarterback.

Everything draft pick is a gamble, so the fact that the Bears have two players means they have a better chance to succeed.

The organization knows it has to get better to justify their ticket price increases and PSL sales. They're moving in the right direction, so fans need to get behind the team and stop being negative.

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