Roy Williams reacts to Hurd news

Roy Williams has been a teammate of Sam Hurd's since 2008. He said today he was devastated to find out the news that Hurd was arrested last night for allegedly brokering a massive cocaine deal.

Roy Williams and Sam Hurd have been teammates for four years, first with the Dallas Cowboys and now with the Chicago Bears. Both signed with the team this offseason as free agents.

Hurd was arrested last night for allegedly agreeing to buy a kilogram of cocaine from an undercover federal agent. He is currently in custody.

Williams said today he is shocked and saddened by the news.

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"I'm just shocked about the situation. It's a situation that I don't want anyone to be in, especially a close friend or a teammate I've been playing with now four or five years now," said Williams. "Especially a guy from Texas, with a wife and daughter."

Hurd is accused of possessing 500 grams of cocaine with the intent to distribute. He is also accused of buying four kilograms of cocaine in July.

"It's tough for me, just cause I'm not into drugs or anything like that," Williams said. "But I know it has to be tough for him, because he has his family, and that's a choice that he made. And there's consequences, with the choices that you make."

It was a very somber locker room today, with most players having just heard the news.

Lance Briggs said that, while the news has hurt the team, it won't be a distraction once they take the field.

"We're grown men," said Briggs. "You don't go through a football season without distractions. This is a game where, we say we're professionals, and you have to approach it that way."

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