View from a fan

Randy Lukasiewicz couldn't be more excited about the upcoming season, but he does it with a heavy heart because of the recent passing of Ed McCaskey.

I just wanted to comment how excited I am for the new stadium and upcoming year. Having been at the gate that cold, dark, sad night back on Jan. 21st of '02, I was really concerned about the loss of Soldier Field. As I watched the construction crews come in at midnight, a lot of memories went through my mind. Since then my son, Zach, and I have visited the Bear Conventions the past two years and with the stadium sessions and tour plus the new virtual tour on the internet, all will be well. "Papa Bear" George Halas, Ed McCaskey, Walter Payton, Brian Piccolo, "Mugs" Halas and the host of many Bears up in "The Great Stadium in the Sky" are looking down and with us now surely rejoicing on what is to be.

I thank the Bears organization for this wonderful project to honor our past heroes and also provide us with a fun, exciting environment to absorb the team and their past contributions to the world.

Look out Packers on September 29th, 2003!

On the other hand I was very saddened by the passing of Ed McCaskey. He did so much for the Bears organization and beyond. What he did in his life serves as a model for us Bear fans that live on. Any true Bear fan knows that being a Bear Fan goes beyond the field and even starts before the field, in the home, church, social, civic and community organizations. Just like Ed McCaskey life.

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