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Wednesday players took part in a light scrimmage in which players reviewed schemes and attempted to shake some of the offseason rust. With a slow news day attention turned to how Brian Urlacher's new deal will impact the team's future.

Quarterbacks Kordell Stewart and veteran backup Chris Chandler continued to take most of the snaps behind center.

Newly signed LB Joe Odom from Purdue was very much in evidence while working with rookie punter Brooks Barnard of Maryland. Second year player Jamin Elliott did not participate in regular scrimmage, but was working instead on wind sprints and balance drills.

The topic of the day for many of the Bears veteran players was the nine-year extension LB Brian Urlacher signed last week and more importantly, how it could affect future negotiations that they might have with Bears management.

"To me, it was a very good thing, although the players aren't making as big a deal out of it as the media seems to indicate," said S Mike Brown. "It's important to have strong players like Brian be a part of this team for the long-term. Do I see that affecting me in any way? It's something that I'll be thinking about. Right now, I feel that the Bears definitely want me to be here and I just need to decide if I'll take what they're offering."

For Brown, a great part of a long-term deal has to do with his overall comfort level.

"I have become a Chicago guy," Brown said. "It's a wonderful place to live. The fans are incredible. They know about football. They always show up and let you know that they care about you. I feel loyal to them and to this city. No matter what's going on, you always have the feeling that they are behind us 100 percent. Even in the toughest days of last year's season, I was always getting message of support. That means a lot."

What would it take to lock up Brown to a long-term contract?

"Of course that's for the Bears management, my manager, and me to decide. I'm newly married and I'll want to be looking out for my wife Erin as well as for myself. From a team standpoint, if we're strong up the middle, we'll have a pretty good defense. That's how you win games. I feel that I'm one of the top safeties in the league, just as Brian is one of the top linebackers in the league. If we can work things out to everybody's satisfaction, I'd be happy to stay here."

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