Randy Moss in Chicago?

Randy Moss announced today that he wants to make a return to the NFL. Chicago has some serious needs at the wide receiver position. Should Moss be considered as an option?

Former NFL wide receiver Randy Moss held a uStream video chat this morning, during which he announced his intention to return to the league.

"Your boy is going to come back through here and play some football," Moss said. "I had a lot of things I had to adjust in my life."

Moss was out of football last season, after a highly unimpressive 2010 campaign in which he played for three teams and caught just 22 passes. He was traded around the league like a hot potato, with each new team wishing he'd never shown up. This was especially so in Tennessee, the last team for which he played, where he demonstrated an egregious lack of desire and effort.

Yet Moss said today he has righted his ship. He believes he's now mentally ready to return to the game.

"Your boy will be back for the upcoming season, hopefully I can get on a team hopefully."

Notice how he said "hopefully" twice in that sentence? That's because he knows it's a long shot that any NFL team will want to bring him on in 2012. Moss still probably has enough speed to stretch opposing defenses and be a deep threat. No player in league history has shown the ability to track the deep ball and leave defenders in his wake like Moss. Even if he only has 75 percent of the speed he had in his prime, he could still be effective in the right system.

With Moss, just one deep ball could shift the momentum of a game. He's not at the seven-time Pro Bowl level he was during his heyday but as a role player, he still has value.

The Bears have major needs at wide receiver. The organization has a franchise quarterback in Jay Cutler, one who is just entering his peak years, and he's surrounded by Dane Sanzenbacher, Roy Williams and Devin Hester. Johnny Knox may not be recovered fully from back surgery to start the season, leaving Earl Bennett as the only viable wideout on the roster.

A player like Moss could provide the deep target Cutler has lacked ever since coming to Chicago. Yet the Bears need to stay away from this one.

Moss might have something left in the tank but his lack of effort on the field in 2010, during a contract year, was unprecedented of for a five-time All Pro receiver. One play in particular showed what Moss was made of that season. While with the Vikings, his second of three teams that year, Brett Favre lobbed a deep ball to Moss near the end zone. He was interfered with on the play, yet the defender fell down and Moss had an opportunity to still make the touchdown grab. Instead, he watched the ball, which was easily within arms reach, land right in front of him.

I'm not sure what demons Moss had to overcome last year but a player who was that disinterested, in a season that could have earned him his final big contract, has no place on any NFL roster – that includes Chicago's.

The Bears are desperate at wide receiver and must do something about the position if the offense is going to take the next step. But they're not that desperate. Even at a veteran minimum salary, Moss isn't worth it.

Surely there will be a loud clamoring by fans and media alike for Moss to come to Chicago, but new GM Phil Emery needs to take a pass, or risk bringing in a player that has been a locker room cancer at nearly every stop in his career.

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