Get in the spirit

The Johnny Grid Iron Football HelmHat is created and designed to reflect on a time when our early football heroes were use to blood, sweat and tears being tools of the trade and part of the game. A time when our early football heroes did not care of money, nor fame, nor attention, only for the love of the game, and to be longed and respected by teammates, and feared by opponents.

The product can be worn to support your favorite football team at pep rallies, parades, football games, tailgating parties, Super Bowl Parties, and Play Off Parties. What better way to support the Bears by bringing back the days of smashmouth football. An era when our early football heroes were mean, even ruthless. Our early football heroes played with passion few understood and played to win, period. Hard work was ones closest friend.

An overall goal was to retain the nostalgic look of the historical early days of football on the exterior and offer a comfortable and modern wear on the interior. The product is flexible, durable and able to fold up and carry in the pocket of a jacket or sports bag.

The idea is to encourage football fans to work equally hard at supporting and rooting their favorite football team. To support their favorite football team as passionately as our early heroes played the game and wear the Johnny Grid Iron Football HelmHat.

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