Source rips Bears top two picks

In a recent article by Pro Football Weekly, an anonymous NFL scout lays into Chicago's top two selections: DE Shea McClellin in the first round and WR Alshon Jeffery in the second.

Bear Report yesterday graded the Chicago Bears 2012 draft class. While it wasn't an awful draft, Chicago's six picks are littered with question marks, which was the point we were trying to make with our C+ overall grade.

On Twitter, we were attacked from all angles by folks that thought the grades were too harsh. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, and with so many NFL fans across the country, there are a lot of opinions being thrown around.

The fact that we can debate these issues, in a mostly civilized manner, is what makes sports, and specifically the NFL, so great. It's a universal language that can keep complete strangers engrossed in conversation for hours.

And in Chicago, the passion fans have for the Bears is nearly unparalleled around the league. It's what makes our community so great – even if it does facilitate over-the-top arguments at times.

WR Alshon Jeffery
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With any NFL draft, it takes at least three years before one can truly evaluate a team's selections. But waiting that long isn't any fun. Half of what makes the draft great are the debates that rage on afterward.

Pro Football Weekly published an interesting article today that quotes numerous anonymous scouts and front-office personnel regarding the 2012 NFL Draft. Here's what one source had to say about Chicago's draft:

"The biggest shocker, I thought, was how high (South Carolina's) Alshon Jeffery went. We had him in the sixth round. I don't think he can separate at our level or get off the press. He lost all that weight to run a good 40-time but it's not natural. He's not a worker. I thought it was very rich. We had (Shea) McClellin in the third (round)."

While our grades my have been a little harsh, this is downright brutal. We may have thought McClellin was a reach, but not a two-round reach. In essence, this source is saying that GM Phil Emery completely missed with his first two selections.

But as we pointed out, this is just one of the millions of assessments out there, and in no way means both players will be a bust. It's just interesting to hear outside objective opinions, from the higher ups in the NFL, on occasion.

For Bears fans that disagree with this analysis, there's one positive to be taken from all the negativity. It's likely both McClellin and Jeffery are taking note of these evaluations and will come into camp with a chip on their shoulders. Both obviously have something to prove and these types of comments should provide them the incentive to show everyone how wrong they were.

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