BR Rookie Diary: Isaiah Frey

Bear Report caught Chicago' sixth rounder, Isaiah Frey, as he came off the practice field this afternoon. Below is our exclusive one-on-one conversation with the rookie cornerback.

Chicago Bears sixth-round selection Isaiah Frey loves to study. The 5-11, 188-pound cornerback was a National Scholar-Athlete at Jesuit High School in Olivehurst, California and carried a Political Science major, with an English minor, at Nevada. Frey hopes to attend law school as time permits in the future.

But Frey is about much more than academics. Practically from the time he could walk, Frey loved football. His father, Demetryst Cornish, played running back at Arizona and Sacramento State. Frey was Jesuit's MVP in 2006 and went on to excel for the Nevada WolfPack.

During his collegiate career, Frey had 141 tackles, one sack, seven tackles for loss and seven interceptions. In 2011, he was named preseason All-WAC by the Blue Ribbon College Football Yearbook and preseason All-Wac by Lindy's.

Frey talks about his first day at Halas Hall for rookie minicamp.

CB Isaiah Frey
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"I love being here. This is so much fun. I'd never seen Chicago before so even the plane ride here was exciting. I love the look of the city, or at least as much of it as I could see from the air.

"Halas Hall is a very impressive facility. It's going to become very familiar really soon, but right now everything I see here is brand new. I need to learn where everything is, where the meeting rooms are, that kind of thing. I do know that the rookie locker room is in the basement. We don't get to go into the veteran locker room until we've made the team.

"I have to admit the first time you step on an NFL practice field, its' intimidating. How could it not be? You have a lot of guys all hoping to make their dreams come true. The pressure on each of us to perform at a very high level is tremendous. But that is what it's about, really. If I didn't enjoy competition and if I didn't think I could succeed at this level, then I wouldn't be here.

"My family and I were so glad when the call came from the Bears. I had feelers from a few teams through the draft process, but you never know for sure who is taking you seriously as a candidate for their team and who is just talking to you.

"Since I am from the West Coast and played for a WAC team, I don't know a lot about the team yet, but you can be assured I'll learn all of that as quickly as I can. I certainly know that the Bears have a reputation as a hard-hitting team that has always had great pride in their defense. My hope of course is to add to the team by making a positive contribution on defense as quickly as possible.

"It's too early to tell exactly what skill set I need to be improving but I'm sure the coaches will let me know in the very near future. We did a lot of speed drills today and general basic formations.

"You are so nervous the first time you have the Bears uniform and helmet on, but as soon as the ball is snapped, everything seems familiar again. Football is football no matter if you are playing in a sand lot or in the NFL. If it wasn't comfortable to be playing the game, you wouldn't be this far.

"But of course I am saying that before meeting the veterans. I am certain the tempo and intensity will pick up quickly once they are also on the field. There will be rookie moments I'm sure.

"I think I bring speed and good instincts for the ball. I work hard and I'm in good physical shape. I have the desire to succeed and am grateful to have this opportunity to show what I can do.

"One thing I've noticed so far: the weather here is great. I don't understand why everybody told me I'd be really cold. But maybe I should wait until winter before saying too much more about that."

Beth Gorr has been covering the Bears for the last 12 years and is the author of Bear Memories: The Chicago-Green Bay Rivalry. She is currently working on a second book about early Bears history.

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