Bears rookie minicamp diary – Day 2

Bear Report was front and center during the second Bears rookie minicamp practice of the 2012 offseason. Here are our news, notes and observations from this afternoon's session.

It was a rainy day in Lake Forest today for the Chicago Bears' second rookie minicamp practice. Yet that didn't stop the team's coaches from putting the youngsters through a full workout.

Here are my notes from this afternoon's session.

-Bears first rounder Shea McClellin stood out again today during positional drills. Notable was his first two steps out of a three-point stance. He really gets off the line quick and low.

Also notable was his footwork and balance. McClellin tore through the bag drills. One drill involved players spinning around a series of bags. McClellin kept his balance the entire time, something no other defensive lineman was able to do, and stuck tight to the dummies.

DE Shea McClellin
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Another drill involves players working the perimeter of four bags positioned in a square. It's meant to help D linemen turn the corner. McClellin stayed low in his cuts and looked fluid coming around the edge.

Later in the practice, defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli spent a good 10 minutes working exclusively with McCellin. He put on two arm length pads and did hand-usage drills one-on-one with the rookie.

-Alshon Jeffery left the practice field late yesterday with a calf cramp but was back out there today. During positional drills, he really stood out amongst his fellow wideouts. But that's to be expected. His speed and hands were night and day better than the rest of the pass catchers.

Yet he seemed to slow down as the practice wore on. On a couple of different occasions, he was seen stretching out his calf. During 7-on-7s, he looked sluggish and didn't have the same explosion off the line he showed earlier in the day.

On the last play of 7-on-7s, Jeffery ran a fly pattern down the left sideline. It was a jump-ball situation, yet Jeffery barely got off the ground and gave a one-handed effort at the pass, which feel incomplete.

After practice, he said his leg was fine.

-DT Ronnie Cameron, an undrafted free agent, needs to make an impression this weekend. There is an open tackle spot on the roster right now and a strong showing could help him land that spot. Yet I did not see a whole lot out of him.

He's slow off the line, stiff in the hips and doesn't have good footwork. I just don't see him having enough quickness to be a 3-technique defensive tackle for the Bears.

-Undrafted rookie offensive lineman James Brown lined up at both left tackle and left guard during walkthroughs. He played mainly left tackle during the play-installation portion of practice.

He has a solid first step, where he also sinks his hips and puts himself into proper position. He leans a little too much and needs to get out of his stance quicker. Offensive line coach Tim Holt commented on two occasions about Brown needing to work on his upper body balance.

While Brown appears to be a decent player, his size is worrisome (6-4, 306). Up close, he just doesn't appear big enough to play guard, while also lacking the height for tackle. He's a tweener that will need to rely on his fundamentals to make the roster.

-I spent 20 minutes watching the offensive linemen and the player with whom the coaches were most impressed was T Trevor Olson (6-6, 298) from Northern Illinois. If he continues to stand out, he could earn an invite to training camp.

-Seventh-round pick, CB Greg McCoy, was returning kickoffs during the special teams portion of practice. He looked very comfortable in that role. He was able to hit the seams hard and slip through the cracks, while also showing very good speed.

-In walkthroughs today, offensive coordinator Mike Tice lined up Evan Rodriguez at fullback, tight end and H-back. It appears Tice plans on taking full advantage of Rodriguez's versatility.

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