Bears quotables: Preseason Week 1

Post-game quotes from last night's 31-3 loss to the Denver Broncos in Chicago's preseason opener.


Opening Statement
"You know we get to preseason games and you want to see exactly where the ball club is as much as anything. You know you have practices against each other and you don't get the chance to finish a lot of plays. You get to this first game and you see where you are and we didn't play as well as I thought we would tonight, but I did see some things that I liked out there. I'm just going to jump to our draft picks right away of guys we didn't know anything about. I thought Shae McClellin did some good things tonight. Anytime it's your first time playing and you get a sack as a defensive lineman you'll remember that. Alshon Jeffrey also made some good plays so there was some positive things. As I talk about the rest of our football team, defensively we had three balls in our hands and we count on taking the ball away an awful lot. And that fumble we had early on, really put us in a hole. Running game wise, offensively wise we weren't able to establish anything with the run and the protection wasn't good. We're not ready for prime time yet, but we'll hit the practice field as soon as we can and start making the necessary improvement. I kept some of the players out ... Jay Cutler, Julius Peppers, of course Brian Urlacher, he isn't here but will be back. But at the same time it gave guys an opportunity, and like I said, we weren't pleased with how we played."

On Jay Cutler warming up (question: did Jay warm-up)

On the decision not to play Cutler
"I made it, I don't know exactly after he warmed up or whatever. Of course he had a lot of things going on this week. And we wanted to take a good look at Jason (Campbell), with our first line and Josh (McCown). And of course we wanted to take a look at Matt (Blanchard) also. So, it wasn't really in the plan for Jay (Cutler) to go out there. He will get more reps this coming week."

On what was the thinking process behind playing J'Marcus Webb and Chris Williams playing a lot?
"Just some players we thought needed reps, we needed to see. And our tackles are two of them and we wanted to get them a lot reps as much as anything. Just practice time, improving our ball club. Some of the guys we know a little more about right now we didn't play as much and that was pretty much it."

On Major (Wright)'s game and injury
"Tweak of the hamstring. He was coming out anyway. Truthful, I didn't realize he tweaked it, his hammy, until a little bit later on because he was coming out. But, of course it was a big play. When you get backed up like that, that's all you can do is take the ball away. And it was good play by him."

On how the new coordinator, coaching situation is going
"Just like everything else, we got a start tonight. There's a lot of things we need to improve upon and we will. It will look a lot better when we get our guys out there."

DE Shea McClellin

On playing his first NFL game
"I had fun. It's a start. You know I definitely have a lot of learning to do. I'm just looking forward to getting back out to the practice field and getting better."

On how he would rate his first game and the speed of the action
"Over all it was good. Yeah, it was a little bit faster than we've been practicing. When you get into the game, it's always faster than normal, so it was a little bit faster, but as it went along I kind of got into it and felt good. You know, like I said, there is a lot of stuff I can work on, get better at."

On his first sack
"It felt good. It's always good to get a sack, no matter what it is, it boosts your confidence a little bit. After that you can kind of relax and just go out and play."

On the roughing the passer penalty
"Yeah, it's unfortunate. Like you said, he kind of got thrown around and right as he got thrown around I happened to be right there. It's unfortunate, but you can't do anything about it."

On whether he felt he showed his speed and what he could do
"I was happy with it but, like I said, I have a lot to learn, a lot to work on. It's a start; I did some good things and some bad things. I just got to go watch film, learn from the older guys, coach Marinelli and just get better."

On whether being a pass rush specialist brings extra pressure
"That's my forte, I'd say. There is always pressure for any first-round pick. You just have to go out there and play."

On how he played
"You know, I'll have to look at the film. There are some good things and some bad things. Like I've been saying, there is a lot I can learn and get better at."

On what makes him an effective pass rusher
"A relentless attitude. I'm always trying to get the quarterback, no matter what.

G Lance Louis

On what went well for the line and what didn't
"I mean, we definitely wanted to come out and run the ball better. We have to do a better job of that because we really pride ourselves on running the ball well and we definitely want to protect [the QB] better. It was preseason game one, we're going to look at it and get better from here.

QB Jason Campbell

On when he found out he would be starting and his thoughts once he found out
"We had talked about it on Tuesday that there might be a chance that I might play not knowing for sure which day Jay's baby was going to come out and we found out it happened Wednesday morning. Of course he still wanted to play, but we felt as a group and [Lovie Smith] made his decision that it was probably best and this is an exciting time in his life and he really needed to take the time and enjoy."

On difficulty playing on a limited game plan
"Well, it's a little bit difficult. You really don't want to show a whole lot of things we have been doing in training camp. We are a really explosive group. Tonight it didn't seem that way because we didn't do a lot of those things. You try to shorten everything, come out tonight and one thing you want to see is getting off the ball and trying to have a quick passing game, just get the ball out and give guys the opportunity to hit people besides our own guys live for the first time."

On if he felt rusty after not having played for a while in an actual game
"Yeah. I haven't played in 10 months. One thing about it, we never could find a rhythm when we first got the game going. We couldn't get a first down so that we could stay in the rhythm and get ourselves going, get some motivation going and get some rhythm. It's kind of tough when you're 3-and-out. Have to give the Denver guys some credit. They did a good job of covering us early in the game. That's why they are a good defense as well."

On the kind of things he saw from his line
"Everyone is improving. Everyone is working as a team to try and get better. We've been flip-flopping guys a little bit to try and find the group. Those guys are working their butts off each and every day in practice and trying to get better as everyone else. We'll use this preseason game. It wasn't a showing we would like to come out and have, but we will just continue to grow and continue to move forward."


On how he think he played versus the Broncos
"We've got to look at the film. We come back in tomorrow some time or the day after, watch the film and we'll evaluate it from there further."

On if he knew he would play into the fourth quarter
"I didn't look at it that way. I think it was a time to get better. I'm a young player and if the team needs me to stay in, then I will."

On how to judge his performance
"We'll look at the film. I've got to get better with knowing situations and getting better with the camaraderie with my fellow lineman."

RB Michael Bush

On getting into game scenarios with the offense
"I think I had maybe three carries. I still didn't get adjusted or anything but that comes with time and reps."

On the fumbled exchange with Jason Campbell in the first-half
"He did a great job. That was just me not looking it in and trying to run and make a play before I got the ball. So one mistake as long as we get it out early we'll be fine."

On what the offense will be working on going into the next game
"That I have no idea. Execution I guess. We were a little off but I don't think we opened up the playbook at all today, so we just have to start over and go back to the basics."

WR Alshon Jeffery

On what was the toughest thing about his first NFL game
"Just the speed of the game, just adjusting to it and getting to know it and understand it. Everybody's got a little pre-game jitters so just really getting the real feel [of the game]."

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