Bears vs. Colts post-game quotes

Bear Report offers all the quotes from Chicago's players and coaches following the club's 41-21 victory over the Indianapolis Colts in the regular season opener.

Devin Hester WR/KR

On how it feels to be part of an offense that can play at a high-level week after week
"Like I said from day-one we're built with a lot of depth. It's going to be one guy one week, the next guy another week. That's just the way it's going to go, when you're surrounded by some great players on the offensive side of the ball."

On aggressive play calling of the offense
"That speaks highly of how the coaches feel about the players. They have a lot of expectations of us and feel comfortable with us and that's why we took the chances we did because we've got the type of players capable of making the plays."

On the debuts of Alshon and Brandon
"They did great, man. That's going to help us out a lot. A whole lot."

On Brandon Marshall's play
"He's a playmaker. He's been a playmaker since he stepped into the league and he continued to put on a great performance and that's the type of character he is."

On the offense's slow start
"We started off wrong, but it's the first game. We started off on a bad foot, but you know we picked it up. We came back out and finished the game. That's the most important thing. Sometimes you're going to start out slow, but the great teams know how to handle adversity and get better as the game goes."

Alshon Jeffery WR

On how having Brandon Marshall out there enables his play
"He opens up the field a lot. All of us open the field up for each other. Whoever is making plays…I mean if I'm on the opposing team they're going to defend who has the hot hand."

On having two big WRs
"Just have to go out there and make plays."

On whether he was the first read on his touchdown
"The quarterback has all different types of reads. We're just going off what the coverage is."

On whether he is faster than some people believe
"I mean, that's up for you guys (media) to decide. (Laughter)"

On whether he kept the ball from his first TD catch
"Yeah, I kept it."

Tim Jennings CB

On the good start to the season
"I like to think so. It was a lot of work. We were well prepared. It was a good opportunity to go out and make some plays as a total defense. It was a total team effort. We went out and did that today."

On playing without Brian Urlacher and Charles Tillman
"That is what we did. Our general manager (Phil Emery) brought in a lot of depth at a lot of positions. We were confident enough that if guys go down, we got depth at positions that veteran teams do have."

On being the defensive MVP with two interceptions
"I mean it was a good day. I was able to catch some of the balls. I think I dropped one in the end zone which I wished I would have caught that one. It was a pretty good day. I caught more than I dropped today. Last year I struggled with that. I worked on that in the offseason with the JUGS machine. I got the opportunity today and I made some plays on the ball."

Matt Forte RB

On the play of the new offense
"I expected it to be like that. It didn't start out that fast. I think we had first-game jitters. We then showed the resiliency of the offense to come back after giving up a turnover and a touchdown. We just came back and put a lot of points on the board."

On what to expect of the new offense
"We can spread the ball out. That's what we plan to do. We don't want to harp on one specific person or part of the offense. We can execute in the running game, as well as the passing game."

On the play of rookie Evan Rodriguez
"He did very well, to be his first game and not be as comfortable with the fullback position."

On the good start to the season
"It was very important. You always want to win your first game, as well as every game. It's important to get that first win, especially at home."

On the play of the defense
"Our defense can take the ball away. That keeps the opponent's offense off the field and they can't score points. With us on the field, we can get some long drives, run the clock down, and score some points. We will win a lot of games if we can do that."

Julius Peppers DE

On the short week
"We can't complain about when we play. We have to go out and play."

On moving inside to tackle
"We have a good rotation, where we communicate. Everybody communicates. Sometimes I want to go inside. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes other guys want to go inside. It's basically a decision we all make."

On Brian Urlacher's return
"It was great."

On the play of the defense
"We did some good things. We're not going to get too high. It is one game. We have a short week coming up. We have to prepare for the next game."

Brandon Marshall WR

On the start of the team
"It wasn't the start we wanted. It was a bad start to the game, but a great start to the season."

On his first touchdown reception from Jay Cutler
"It was really good. We took what they gave us. It felt good to get that first one out of the way. We definitely left something out there. Hopefully we can capitalize on that in the future."

On picking up where he and Cutler left off
"We're trying to build a new thing here in Chicago. It's going to take a lot of hard work. It was a great start today."

On the talent of the offense
"We got the guys. We have the pieces. We have the coaches. Alshon (Jeffrey) showed some flashes today. He's been consistent. Some things we've seen in the preseason. We got to get Hess (Devin Hester) going more. Earl (Bennett) a little bit more. I thought the running backs played well today. We have the pieces to be a great offense. It was a great start to that."

On getting the other receivers involved
"A lot of excitement when I see those guys going. I've seen a lot of double coverage. A lot of push coverage my way. It's really hard to do that with guys like Hester, Alshon, and Earl on your side. I look forward to a lot of one-on-ones this year, because it is impossible for them to do that with the other guys on the other side of the ball."

Brian Urlacher LB

On how he felt today
"Good. It's fun to be back out there."

On Andrew Luck's play and it being his first game of the season
"We played well. He had a lot of yards, but the game was out of hand, for the most part. Offense played great. We had a few take-aways."

On whether it was planned for him to not play in the second half
"That was a change-up."

On whether his limited second-half play was due to his knee
"No. What did Coach Smith say? I think he said it was his idea and that's what happened. My knee is fine."

On whether he was okay with coming out of the game
"No, I don't like coming out of the game. But that's the head coach, I do what he says."

On the play of the offense
"If they keep doing that; if our offense keeps doing what they're doing, we're going to be pretty good."

On the offense's explosiveness
"It was awesome. We started off a little slow. Once we got going…We stopped ourselves a few times, but it was fun to watch. I had a good seat for the second half."

On offensive production
"That was good. Like I said, we stopped ourselves a couple of times, but Jay…Brandon's awesome, Alshon (Jeffery) did a good job, Matt is Matt, offensive line did a good job. Pretty good balance, I think."

On how he felt
"I felt good. I had no issues moving around. No pain, nothing like that. Felt good. Stupid brace was there, but that was about it."

On his sideline demeanor in the fourth quarter
"I wanted to get back in there the whole time. I was excited. We made a lot of plays on defense. Lance (Briggs) made a nice play; Chris got a pick; Timmy (Jennings) got another pick; Henry (Melton) got a couple of sacks. It was just fun. I'd rather be in there, but it was fun to watch our defense play like that."

Jay Cutler QB

On how important it was to have chemistry with Brandon Marshall
"Well, we knew if we didn't you guys would have a field day so we had to do something. We started off slow I think that was a little bit of concern on my part. My feet were all over the place, missing some balls. I thought the offensive line did a great job all day long. In that fourth quarter we had all day to throw. Right before half time we had all day to throw. I think they had a point of emphasis a lot this off-season and I think they did a great job today."

On working through issues and get to the point where you did get today
"Keep throwing. You know, we kept on, we kept pushing the ball down the field. You know Jeremy Bates, we talked on the sideline and settled down. There were a lot of different scenarios at the start of the season but we were able to work through it and put up some points."

On Lovie saying it was good you had to fight through adversity
"I would of rather have started out hot and continued hot. It's never a bad thing whenever you're able to overcome it. If we weren't able to overcome it then it would have been a really bad thing. It's correctable stuff, a lot of good but as the first game goes, there's a lot of stuff you need to correct and clean up little details."

On the response to Earl Bennett's score
"Earl's just a football player. I love playing with him. As long as I'm a Bear I hope Earl's here with me because he brings so much to this team on and off. He's the kind of guy that flies under the radar, but whenever he has an opportunity he makes the most of it."

On message to Soldier Field fans about when the Bears are in the Red Zone
"Please, please, please let's tone it down a little bit when we're down in the 20. You're more than welcome to yell and scream and do whatever you want to do after we score, but, please, let's go ahead and quiet the stadium down and save it for after we score. Thank you. That's my PSA."

On reaction of gesturing plays
"Sometimes we're out there doing – messing around, motioning, gesturing and giving signals just to give signals. We just want to keep them off balance and attacking them. We always want pressure to be on the defense and not vice versa."

On threat of Brandon Marshall and how it open things
"Changes things. I thought Indy wasn't scared of him. They were going to let him make plays if he was capable of making plays. They were going to stop the run and go man against us and let us outside. Offensive line did great a job, held up and gave me some coverage."

On teams not being scared of Brandon Marshall
"You have Alshon (Jeffrey) catching touchdowns, Earl (Bennett) catching 60-70 yards. Matt Forte. Devin Hester so we have a lot of weapons. You kind of have to pick what you're going to do. Going forward, mixing it up on defense and giving us a lot of coverages, different fronts, blitzing us is probably what we're going to see.

On comfort of having Bush in the Red Zone
"Wasn't the best look down there and I asked him if he wanted it and he's like give it to me. He pushes through the pile and offensive line did a great job."

Lovie Smith

On his feelings about the team fighting through adversity today
"Well, my perfect scenario would be scoring the first time, getting a takeaway, and scoring again after that. No, I'm just saying that eventually though, through the course of the year you're going to have to fight through some adversity. You might as well get it out of the way early on to see what you're made out of. Things aren't going to be perfect for you and I thought they fought through it with no panic on the sideline or any of that."

On Michael Bush
"It's good to have a player like Michael – period – all over the field. He's always played that way; that's why we brought him in here. I thought the guys did a great job of getting Michael the ball along the way. But, when you can get that and a great player like Matt Forte . . . well, he's outstanding also."

On Tim Jennings
"Whenever you play your old team, you want to play a certain way. I actually just talked about the offseason Tim Jennings had throughout – great offseason work, training camp – but, he's been playing that way - competing hard. As a cornerback though, last year he would tell you that he had opportunities to make a couple of interceptions. This year, he's making the plays. I think he had a couple of picks; that's a pretty good day for a cornerback (to get a couple), and he had a say in another. So, it's a great start for Tim."

On Brian Urlacher
"We wanted to get him in some game action. I think you guys really wanted to see what he could do. We've been telling you that he's okay and that he'll be ready to go this first game, which he was. And, you just want to get him out there into the mix. And, not just for Brian but for everyone on the football team. It's the first game. Everybody needs to get that first game. You can't really go an awful lot on what happened in training camp or in the preseason as to what is going to really happen during the course of the year."

On Andrew Luck
"Andrew Luck is a good player. There's a reason why he was the first pick in the draft. He has to play through some things. When they got behind, he kept showing up and making plays. He did a great job of being mobile in the pocket and finding different receivers. He's definitely going to win a lot of games. Chuck Pagano has the team headed in the right direction. When you make a wholesale change like that, it takes a little while, but you can see the makeup."

On the overall blocking
"We'll have to watch the video, but whenever your quarterback gets time and you're running the football, you'll have to assume that that offensive line is playing pretty good. But, it's not just the offensive line. Evan Rodriguez, our tight end, all of that inside core group. So, we think they played pretty good; hopefully, the film says that."

On whether Jay Cutler was taking too many risks in the passing game today
"We're pretty pleased with Jay Cutler and what he tried to do today. Believe me, with quarterback play like that, we're going to win a lot of football games. Jay did an outstanding job today."

On why Brian Urlacher didn't play more
"Brian wanted to play the entire game. When we told him he was coming out, it's not like he told us that it was a great idea. He knows that there's a big picture. We wanted to get him a little bit of work. It's his first action. It's like in a preseason game, you're not going to let a guy go that entire time unless you have to, and we didn't have to today."

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