X-and-O Show: Forte for 32

In our new-and-improved version of the X and O Show, utilizing All 22 tape and telestration, we break down running back Matt Forte's longest run against the Colts in the season opener.

In Sunday's regular season opener against the Indianapolis Colts, the Chicago Bears rushed for 114 yards as a team. RB Matt Forte carried the ball 16 times for 80 yards (5.0 avg) with a long run of 32 yards.

Chicago's offensive line struggled at times but did open enough room for a couple of big gainers on the ground. We go to the All 22 coaches film and break down Forte's 32-yard jaunt, analyzing the blocking schemes and execution of the front five.

The play

The Bears line up in a strong-left set with a receiver split to either side. QB Jay Cutler is under center, with FB Evan Rodriguez and Forte stacked in I-formation in the backfield. The Colts counter with a base 3-4 look, with both outside linebackers up on the line of scrimmage showing blitz off the edge.

Following the snap, Cutler turns and hands the ball to Forte running a stretch play left. TE Kellen Davis crashes down on DE Ricardo Matthews. LT J'Marcus Webb (red) and LG Chris Spencer (yellow) both pull left to lead the play, with Rodriguez (blue) swinging outside as well.

Webb seals OLB Jerry Hughes, while Spencer does a great job of cutting out LB Kavell Conner's legs.

Backside LB Jerrell Freeman gets caught up by Louis and Connor and he's unable to get to the play side.

Rodriguez then turns the corner and puts a beautiful block on S Tom Zibikowski, opening up a lane outside for Forte.

Forte bursts through hole, with backside guard Lance Louis (white) trailing the play.

Louis puts a wicked block on Matthews, cutting off the trailer.

Forte goes untouched down the sideline before being brought down at the Colts' 35-yard line.

This was a great overall effort by the offensive line, with every blocker accomplishing his assignment. Spencer's block on the front side effectively took out two linebackers. Rodriguez then did an outstanding job on the edge of springing Forte for the long gain.

Most impressive, though, was Louis coming all the way from the far side of the field to lay out a defender and seal off trailing pursuit.

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