Bears vs. Rams postgame quotes

All the quotes from players and coaches of both the Chicago Bears and St. Louis Rams following Sunday's Week 3 contest.

Bears Quotes


Opening Statement
"This was a bounce back game for us. Something that we seem like we've been practicing forever. We need to come out strong. Just talking about the defense first, the defense really came out ready to play. Our defensive line has played outstanding ball all year and they set the tone of the day. I think we had six sacks or so. [Israel] Idonije was outstanding. That pressure really did a lot. We were playing a good offense. Sam Bradford is a great quarterback. They had moved the ball against a lot of people. So defense really did some good things today. It felt like we had control of the game. Tim Jennings has been outstanding. We talked about him in OTA's, training camp, preseason, and he's making plays. I think he's got his fourth interception, had a hand on another one. Our first score, that's the first goal we've had defensively is his score, so to see Major Wright get into the end zone was big for that. Thought Michael Bush stepped up and gave us some good runs, getting the running game going. Passing game, we made some plays when we had to, especially in the second half there when we needed to get a drive going. I thought we did some good things with the protection for the most part was pretty good. Again, the line did a good job of opening up some of the holes. Robbie Gould steps in normally when we ask him too. So it was just a good team win for us to get back on track. Injury wise, Evan Rodriguez went down with a knee injury and I think that is about it as far as injuries are concerned."

On expecting more out of offense than he got today
"I expect the offense to do what is required of them on that day. Some days we may have to score 41 points to win. Other days it may be about ball security and making plays when we have to. For our team to put over 20 points, offense has to be in position to do some good things and they were."

On the difference between defensive line and everyone being more productive as far as pass rushing
"I just know they work hard every day and we have good players there and outstanding coaches. I think it's a simple formula. We talked about the flexibility we have on the defensive line where they could all play different positions. It's not just one guy, they're taking time, taking different turns of getting pressure. Still don't know exactly what it is but we need them of course to continue it."

On a guy like Jennings at this stage in his career
"It's hard to say exactly why. I just know that if you want a player to get better and you ask him to and give him things to work on and you have the ability to do it, I think it's a commitment you have to make. Tim [Jennings] made a commitment to improve his game. Last year he had a lot of opportunities with his hands on balls and he didn't make the play. You see him working on that trait every day. So I don't know exactly how it happens and why a player in his career goes through it, but it's fine to watch it and this is how it's supposed to happen."

On the younger guys on defense developing at the same time
"Well it's good to see. We have, I think, 10 guys on the roster and they know it's about when we go back to practice still. We are going to dress seven defensive linemen normally and we base it a lot on how they practice each week. They realize that so you have to have your A-game every day to get in position to play these games and maybe it's just as simple as that."

On concerns about offense from the second game not quite clicking
"No more than we are concerned about some things we didn't do defensively and special teams. We'll go to the video. But it's about team effort. I am going to say it again, some games we are going to need to score 41, other games were not going to need to. We're going to have to play good sound football and make the plays when it's required and it was that type of day. You have to sometimes though. I don't think we are the only team in the league that plays good defense. You have to give the St. Louis Rams some credit. Jeff Fisher is an outstanding football coach and they have good players there. They play a good game. Also, you have to give them a little bit of credit."

On Jennings size and what he needs
"When you say that size, Tim will tell you "I've been this size all my life" and most DBs in the league are under six feet. You're talking about a couple of inches. Tim Jennings is about a 40 vertical guy, so I just think size has been over-rated for so many years when you're really dealing with the true part of football and it hadn't been an issue. If there's a really big receiver, we'll put Charles Tillman up."

On what happened at the end of the first half with timeout
"We didn't know exactly what they were going to do at the time. We wanted to make sure we had a time out left. That's what we do."

On him saying offensive game not being required and concerns with passing game not clicking real well
"I think it will in the course of the game but I'm going to go back and say that a little of it had to do with St. Louis. They are an NFL team and they were playing good football also. They have Cortland Finnigan, they have good players over there. They have good linemen that were rushing so sometimes you just have to keep fighting. Eventually you get over that hump a little bit, so we will go and look. We're not ready to stop practicing or anything like that. We have a long way to go, in all three phases though. But this is a step in the right direction."

On being happy with protection of Jay
"I was happy with the game. It's pretty simple guys. When things don't go well, we're going to be really unhappy. But when you find the way as a football team to win the game, we are going to enjoy that first and then go back to the field and correct those things."

QB Jay Cutler

On describing his performance
"It was hit and miss. At the end of the day, we won the game. Offensively, there were some things we could make better but the idea is to win. It's not a one-on-one tennis match."

On Michael Bush's performance
"You can't say enough about a guy like Michael Bush. He really didn't miss a beat. He's protection savvy. He runs the ball hard and hits the holes. He does everything for us."

On where things could get better
"Everywhere. Every position's got to improve, including myself, offensively. We didn't play a perfect game. It's hard to play a perfect game. There are definitely some areas and some plays that we can improve on and move on next week."

On if anything seemed different or improved on his line
"The line played well. They had a little edge to them. You go into a game and you're up in the third or fourth quarter and know you're going to run the ball. Those guys came in when I needed it and opened up some holes. I thought the line played well."

On Chilo Rachal's performance and a couple false starts
"I thought he settled down. One of them wasn't his fault-I think both of them weren't his fault. I held the count a little bit the second time. I think Garz (Roberto Garza) made a little mistake in there and he jumped again. I think Chilo brings that edge to the offensive line, and he doesn't take a lot of grief in there. He's a big guy. He's kind of a mauler and I feel comfortable with him in there."

On if the receivers dropping a couple balls caused any frustration
‘Yeah, it's frustrating. We want to catch all the balls. I missed a few throws too though, so it's part of the game. It's going to happen. We just can't really let it affect us. We have to move on to the next play. That being said, I have to make the throws and they have to make the catches."

On wanting to rebound after last week and how it felt
"Not every game is going to be 41-21. We're not going to come out there every game and blow the doors off offensively, defensively and on special teams every week. This is a normal NFL football game. This is what it's going to be like more likely week-in and week-out. That's what we talked to the offense about all week long. It's just going out there and establishing the run, taking the passes when we can and limiting our turnovers."

On if the Colts game set unrealistic expectations for the offense
"I think that's fair. Once you go out there and you do that, expectations get raised. There is an outside perception and everyone buys into it. Then we turn around and have a dismal performance like we did in Green Bay which set a little bit of a panic button. We just had to get back to playing a football game that we were comfortable with."

On if slug outs were needed to win the game
"Most games are like this. Most games are slug outs, give-and-take. It's a four-quarter game. You're going to be fighting tooth-and-nail most of the time and you just have to be ready for that and play consistently through all four quarters."

On setting up long passes to Brandon Marshall
"You can't have more of those. These things have to come. You hit some quick throws, quick throws, quick throws. You get to a point where they're smart – they play defense for a reason – they've seen things over and over again, so you have to take advantage of that. We had some shots early on and they were playing deep and we had to adjust and throw some underneath stuff. Those are the types of plays that through the course of the game you talk about on the sideline, you hit. You can't just draw those up and hit them all the time. Just one or two a game and you feel lucky."

On the defense's performance
"They're consistently getting better. It's hard because they're at such a good level. To see them get out there and dominate like that – they're in complete control of their offense and exactly what was going on. It's a tough group to go against."

On the chatter surrounding him after last week's game and if he chuckled about it at all
"I don't chuckle at that. No. When you lose a game, it's tough. You have to go back and take a look and look at your own performance and get better and move on. That's not a laughing matter."


On the defensive effort
"I don't know the exact total numbers we gave up, but us just being out there, flying around and making plays. I'm pretty satisfied. We're going to go back and watch film and clean up some things."

On tipping passes this year
"Yeah, because guys are flying around getting to the football. Anybody is there to tip the football and keep it in the air. We think the ball belongs to us."

On Major Wright's interception
Major (Wright) is getting to the football. We got a good bead on it. He was in the right place at the right time. We needed that. It was a big play."

On his fourth interception of the year
"I don't know exactly where we're at (among NFL leaders). It's a start. I feel good. I just got to keep it going."


On his interception return for a touchdown
"I see it in zone. That's what we always preach about. You get the ball in your hands, you try to score. I definitely wanted to score."

On being at the right place at the right time
"I feel like we're playing great defense. Tim (Jennings) making a great play on the ball. Him breaking it up; me being at the right place at the right time. That's how the defense is going. You can't think nothing is going to happen. You always got to expect something is going to happen."

On the play of the defensive line
"They are playing amazing. They are getting to the quarterback. They are putting a rush on. They are putting pressure on the quarterback. I am loving the way they are playing. The whole defense is loving the way they are playing. We got to keep playing like that week in and week out."

On the play of the defense compared to past years
"We're playing with more confidence. You know, we got a chip on our shoulders. Last week, we had a little bit of a downfall. We bounced back. Came back this week and now we're trying to get this train rolling."

DE Israel Idonije

On being healthy this season
"I feel so much better. Last year, it was literally 16 games on one leg. Just to be able to move a little bit better and run around and have that pursuit back, it feels good. It's nice to be able to make plays. It feels good to get in there and have that consistent movement to make plays. It's early. We have a lot of work to do."

On the scheme of defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli
"Right now, he is in the back working on the next game. That's what we need. He is a mastermind when it comes to putting schemes together. He really does a great job putting us in positions to be successful."

DT Stephen Paea

On getting to the quarterback
"That's what we need to do. We need to get pressure on the quarterback. If it's not sacks, then it is pressure on the quarterback that changes the game. He's the one that has the ball. He's going to make decisions a couple plays later. If he's hurt, he's going to make tough decisions."

On the defensive line getting to Sam Bradford
"I just give credit to the defensive backs. They covered all of the receivers. The quarterback held on to the ball a little bit longer. Give credit to them rushing coverage."

On the Rams' offensive line tiring and the influence of the crowd
"The crowd helps. Sometimes we get off before the offensive line makes moves. It's just part of the game. I think we had the advantage going into this game. Everyone on our defensive line contributed to the win."

LB Brian Urlacher

On the defense's play, especially the up-front pressure
"They did a good job. Anytime I looked they did a good job. We rushed four guys for the most part, blitzed a couple of times in the first half. But, it feels good, anytime you get pressure with four is good."

On rotating guys and being able to play fresh
"Anytime you're fresh is going to be good. We have seven, eight guys up front that can play. And the offense had the ball the whole first half. That was nice for us too, to rest. So, it's a good combination, you have a lot of guys that can play and you get rest."

On having a defensive driven win
"It's good for our defense, but I'd rather have more points. I'd rather have it lopsided the other way (laughter), 45 – 6, something like that. But we're going to have games like that this year, that's the type of team we are, I think. We're just going to have to grind them out."

On getting to St. Louis QB Sam Bradford
"I don't know if we confused him or not, but we ran a lot of cover-two. Our up-front guys got after him. We moved around a little bit in the A-gaps and stuff, but just a good job of the guys up front, mostly."

On stuffing the run and making St. Louis one-dimensional
"They didn't try to run it. It was nice to get a couple of stops early and they just quit trying."

On Tim Jennings play
"The Hawk". Unbelievable every game. He caused the take-away from Major, knocked the ball down earlier, had the pick at the end. He's got to be playing better than anybody in the NFL right now, I think."

On his health

DE Julius Peppers

On the play of the defensive front
"I've probably already said it 50 times already, but we have a little bit more depth. Guys got better since the last year. We have a good rotation that keeps us fresh, and, you know, the end result is seen in the stats."

On the play of the DBs
"He (Tim Jennings) is playing well. The front is playing well. The front and the back-end work together, so when we play well they play well and vice-versa. So, right now it's all clicking for us and it's showing on the field."

On the seemingly relentless play of the defensive front
"That's expected. That's nothing to be patting anybody on the back about. We should be playing like that. We're going to continue to play like that throughout the season.

On his personal foul penalty
"Yeah, he (the running back) got back up and tried to run, I wasn't sure if he was down. I didn't hear the whistle. I wasn't sure he was down and still tried to get up to run, so I finished the play. I was surprised (by the flag), but it's one play. It didn't affect the game."

On whether there was pushing and shoving after plays
"Yeah, it got a little chippy. This team plays hard and we do too. That was the thing this week, step up and meet the challenge. We, we're pleased with how we played."

On moving forward after the last game
"Yeah. It was good. It was good, it was good to come out and have another good performance"

On his play
"More importantly it feels good to get the win. It feels good about the defensive stats, collectively, as a team. Not individually. Even though that was good, I'm not trying to diminish that, but I think the 160 yards or whatever it was more impressive."


On the running game
"We moved the ball good in the first half, as far as runs. Other than that I think it was a solid job. Anytime you can move the ball in the league, that's good. Good start in the right direction"

On getting more carries this game
"To me it's the same. I make sure I prepared to be ready when it was my turn. I think I did a pretty good job. It was kind of ugly, but I got it done."

On whether he had a different game-day mentality today
"Nah. It's just me. I know it's something I got to do. I know everybody is depending on me. So, I just try to stay consistent, no turnovers and do the best I can."

On grading the offense today
"C, I guess, C / B. I haven't seen the film yet, but I think we left some things out there as far as the passing game and run game."

On improving the offensive play
"Just got to go back to practice and try to make it better. Just come out ready to go next week."

Rams Quotes


Opening Statement
"Injury-wise, we came through without any issues, so we are good from that standpoint. We will hopefully get a few players back next week, which is encouraging, especially up on the defensive front. As far as the game is concerned, we got beat and we got beat up front. On the offensive side of the ball, the Bears are very, very talented. They are very talented up front and they can rush. When you have to throw to catch up, you make it kind of one-dimensional. It's difficult to do that. Turnovers hurt us. They got a bounce on the interception return for a touchdown. We need things like that. We needed those kinds of bounces and we didn't get them. I was quite proud of the way we got back in it when it was 10-6. We got the ball moving a little bit and we felt good. And then we gave up the interception return for a touchdown. That's basically the difference in the ballgame."

On why the Rams were unable to move the ball
"The Bears played good defense. They are very good up front. Very good."

On the play to Danny Amendola
"The Bears deflected it. They created the opportunity. I think they deflected the ball away."

On whether the Bears gave extra attention to Amendola
"Early on, they matched up. But they ended up playing a lot of zone in the second half. When you're getting pressure on a passer, you can play zone. Early on, they matched up and then they moved to that. We anticipated that, but we need to do a better job of tackling."

On whether the Rams got away from the running game too much
"Not necessarily. We started moving the ball. Time of possession was really tweaked and we needed to get snaps. We felt like we needed snaps to set other things up. We moved to kind of a no-huddle approach and we started moving the ball. We just didn't convert enough third downs to keep drives alive, to give us a chance to get in the end zone."

On whether the Rams' offensive line took a step back in today's game
"What we have to do, and what we will benefit from, is another week of work together, because of the injuries that we have had. We're going to line up and keep playing. I'm proud of these guys and the way they fought today. We're going to put this behind us and move on."

On the roughing-the-passer call late in the first half
"You're off the field on third down and then you get a helmet-to-helmet. Was it intentional? You know, they call those things. It looked like it was the correct call. I don't know what happened on the punt. He was out of the way, blocked, what have you. Those are drive killers. The Bears also had a Julius Peppers penalty for 15 yards and that gave us a first down."

On the decision to play Steven Jackson
"We worked him out before the game. He felt good and said he could play. I'm okay with that. As I said all week, I trust him and he knows his body. He felt good enough to where he could go and play without subjecting himself to further injury."

On what is keeping Brian Quick on the Inactives list
"The other guys. You're not going keep seven guys active. Sometimes you'll keep six and sometimes you'll keep five. We have Chris Givens handling some of the returns. It's just one of those things. But he's going to be a good player. The other guys are still ahead of him."

On whether he is surprised at the good play of Tim Jennings
"No. No. That is a good defense. He's one of those guys who are playing well."

On the Rams' defense
"Our defense played better. We didn't win, so apparently they didn't play well enough to win. But they played better. I thought we handled the run after we settled down. We made some adjustments up front and got our hands on some balls. We pressured Jay. Jay threw the ball away a few times. I thought our defense played well against a good offensive team."

LB James Laurinaitis

On if the Rams made too many mistakes to get the win
"They got some plays on us in the first half, defensively. We hurt ourselves with a penalty on third down and could've gotten off the field. We fought our rear end off in the second half. We made some adjustments at halftime. We adjusted and played well in the second half. We just have to find a way to get more takeaways."

On if he felt the Rams had a chance to win the game in the fourth quarter
"Absolutely. Absolutely, we thought we had a chance the whole entire game. We came in here expecting to win. The whole game, guys were confident expecting to win. We prepared hard all week. I think it's important that we get in and correct some stuff tomorrow and we continue to be great at preparing for football games. We played hard. We've just got to shore up those mistakes."

On if the Rams took a step back
"I don't really know about taking steps forward or back. This is the NFL. Every week's a challenge. You've got to battle for 60 minutes every week. It's just another challenge and we came up short at this one. We've got to correct some things and we will.

LB Jo-Lonn Dunbar

On how tough a loss this is for the Rams
"You feel like you're in the game, a game you definitely think you can win. Definitely hard-fought, especially on the defense. It was just something that's tough to swallow. It's going to bother me for a few days."

On if the Bears made more plays or the Rams didn't make enough
"They made plays when they needed to make plays. We didn't make plays when we needed to make plays. I commend the other team, they played great. They did some things to put up points and keep our offense out of the end zone. We have to be stingier on defense and play harder. It's on us, it's on our defense to play better."

On Jay Cutler's performance
"He was accurate. He made some good throws. He's a good quarterback. He did whatever he needed to do to make sure he got a win at home."

CB Cortland Finnegan

On the Rams pass defense against the Bears
"At times we showed resiliency and at times we had letdowns. We'll continue to work as a defense and work those things out."

On Michael Bush's performance
"Halftime adjustments were big there to definitely stop the run and make them pass. They had 80 yards passing in the second half. Sometimes you've got to bend but don't break. If we can keep them to field goals, we've done our job there and try and make plays on the ball."

On if the Rams gained a momentum after his interception
"Absolutely. Anytime I can get around the football, I want to get into the end zone. That was just one of those things. Credit them for making plays. They made enough plays to win. I think they had a touchdown and a couple field goals. As a defense, we just have to learn to keep points off the board."

On moving forward after today's loss
"That's why you play the game every Sunday. Each Sunday has different challenges. It's a 24-hour rule. You learn from your mistakes. We'll get better as a football team and we'll look forward to Seattle."


On what went wrong offensively for the Rams
"I think the Bears did a good job of scheming us. The particular defense that they play, they keep the ball in front of them and they execute. The field position that we were getting, we had to put together some long, successful drives and every now and then they made us make a mistake ourselves, and when you get in second- and third-and-long, that just really stalls the drive."

On how Jackson felt physically
"I felt that I could go. I felt that I wasn't going to further injure myself or make me more susceptible to missing games. I came out of here clean; I just wish I could have been more productive."

On the decision to play today
"This morning, we did pre-game warm-ups. I went through some running back drills with our running back coach. (Head) Coach (Jeff) Fisher and everyone observed me, and I gave them confidence that I could go and lead this team emotionally and be the starter at running back. Good thing, I don't think I further injured myself, but like I said, I just wish I could have been more productive."

On being in the game late despite the offensive problems
"We really thought that until about mid-way through the fourth quarter, we really thought we were going to take the lead and go ahead. Our defense did a good job. We, as an offense, did not help them at all and it is just unfortunate that we took a step back. We have to put this behind us and get ready for a divisional game."

On being stuck in third-and-long for most of the afternoon
"We would like to be third-and-manageable. I think that is what we did last week, when we were able to pull the win off. When you get in third-and-long, it really makes you one-dimensional and it allows for a defense to be a little more aggressive. We have to continue to be positive on first and second downs."


On whether it was the Bears defense or the lack of plays that lead to a tough day for the Rams' offense
"I think it was a little bit of both. We definitely didn't play well today; give them credit they played us tough. But I think there are a lot of things that when we look at the film, it is going to fall on us and things that we were in control of and just didn't handle. Tough game, I'm sure there is a lot from us to learn from and move on as a group."

On if they felt good about their chances in the fourth quarter
"Absolutely, we felt great over there. We felt the momentum had shifted a little bit, especially when we cut it to 10-6. Our defense had been playing great, had created a lot of stops. I think the next series they might have went three-and-out too, and we kind of felt the momentum shifting. Unfortunately, we just weren't able to capitalize."

On if there were any special coverages on Amendola
"I don't think so. I didn't see any doubles out there really. A couple of times maybe their [line]backers flowed a little bit quicker to him, but I don't think there were any brackets or anything today."

On the difficulties when the offense is constantly in third-and-long
"I think the biggest key to our success is we have to be better on first and second down. We put ourselves in way too many third-and-longs and we knew this was a very good defense at defending third-and-long and it was a position that we didn't want to be in. I don't know what the numbers were, but we were in it way too often today. If we are going to be successful in the future, it is something we have got to eliminate."

On shaking off some of the early drops by the WRs
"It is just part of the game. I still trust those guys and I will keep throwing to them. I trust that they are going to continue to get open and continue to make plays for us."

On the challenges of playing from behind against the Cover-2
"Obviously, the numbers are in their favor, but we just have to do a better job of finding open space, and I have to do a better job of finding them and making some completions."

On how the little plays and penalties hurt the Rams
"I think the biggest thing for us as an offense, is when things aren't going great, we have to learn to create momentum from within. We can't wait for it to happen. We have to bring enough energy to create it ourselves to get over that hump."

On Major Wright's interception
"I didn't really see it. I threw it and I think it got tipped. It was a contested throw and it just popped right up to him."

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