Bears Week 5 post-game quotes

Post-game quotes from Chicago Bears players and coaches following the team's 41-3 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.


(On his impressions of the game) "That was not how we wanted to start the football game. But we know it's always tough after a Monday night game and going on the road. Normally that team has trouble and we did early on. The heat probably bothered us an awful lot, but we just weren't as sharp as we needed to be. Thank God they play two halves. In the second half, the guys really came out—that first drive by the offense, I think we got a field goal, but the amount of time we took off of the clock. From there we just got rolling. The defense started doing what they normally do. I'm talking about taking the ball away. How about Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs—two weeks in a row (of scoring defensive touchdowns)? I don't think that has probably ever happened. I could talk about a lot of guys. Matt Forte, another big week for him. It has been a while since he had over a 100 yards. It was the type of win we needed going into the bye week. " Click now to become a member!

(On what message he gave the team at halftime) "It was the same message always. You saw the first half. We were just letting everyone know exactly how we play. We didn't have to say an awful lot. We didn't play well. We didn't play Chicago Bear football. Guys were anxious to get some things corrected and get back out there in the second half."

(On if he had concerns in the second half about playing two games in six days) "I had concerns in the first half. We weren't playing as fast as we normally do. We were a little sluggish. It was a concern, but we've seen how our guys play. We've been around them for a long time. They normally respond."

(On if Charles Tillman is the best defensive back he has ever coached) "Of course I'm biased and rightfully so. The guy just does everything you want a cornerback to do. He has great size, plays hard, has good hands, tackles and has an uncanny knack for taking the ball away. Again, we're biased, but we like having him on our football team."

(On going for it on fourth down on the first drive of the second half) "We felt like we had to. We talked about how disappointed we were in the first half—couldn't come out and punt the ball away right away. Everyone wanted to go for it—it wasn't like I was the only one who wanted to go for it on fourth down. That really gave us some momentum."

(On his defense's ability to create turnovers) "I know they know how important it is to take the ball away, but after a while, you see one guy doing it and you want to join in on that action. Again the players know how important it is. It's discouraging for the offense, too, when you get it in (the end zone). We know we win when we score one time (on defense) and I think it is probably safe to say we haven't lost when we've scored a couple of times on the defensive side."

(On the Bears' fans) "I made the mistake last week not talking about them right away. Our fans are great. The hotel was just unbelievable. The fans we had there—we saw them before the game, we heard them throughout. I mean that ‘Let's go Bears,' I'm still hearing it. They had a big say in us playing through some tough times."

QB Jay Cutler

(on second half performance) "We put up a lot of points today and our offensive line played great for me all day. The defense put up some points again. We're never really out of it with those guys."

(on Tillman interception return for a TD) "That was big. We had a good drive just before that and settled for three. For ‘Peanut' (Tillman) to turn around and make another heck of a play in back-to-back weeks speaks a lot for the way this defense is playing. They're playing extremely well."

(on Marshall's 100-yard plus receiving) "It's pretty typical. When he gets matched up one-on-one, he's going to make some plays. Whenever we get up like that and they start loading the box, he's going to get some opportunities."

(on 4-1 record) "It's always good to go into a bye week with a win. You never want to take those 10 days with a loss. It's big for this team. It gives us a chance to rest and heal up. We're headed in the right direction."

(on Gabbert's struggles) "He's hanging in there. He was limiting his turnovers coming into this game. Especially when we were up 20 to 30 points, it makes them one-dimensional and he's going to have to pass the ball. At that point, you're feeding right into the defense's hands. I thought he managed the game well in the first three quarters. It just got out of hand and at that point, it's an uphill battle."

WR Brandon Marshall

(on the heat) "When the sun down it was great. It was a hot one. I've lived here almost all my life and I'm still not used to it. I have Bear blood in me now."

(on turnaround in second half) "We started off slow in all three phases but we came into the locker room at the half, kept our cool and composure. We just tried to execute our game plan. A bad half. It was not Bear football. We wanted to come out and play up to our potential."

(on being thrown to in second half) "They brought me here to be a No. 1 receiver, but in this offense we have the ability to game plan around different guys. It could be Matt's day. You see what Michael (Bush) is able to do, and Alshon (Jeffery). They brought me here to make big plays, but when teams want to take me out, we have the guys that can step up."

(on adjustments made) "I talked to #21 Cox. I played against him in the preseason last year. He really got better. He honestly beat me in the first half. He won that half and really humbled me. I was on the sidelines talking to myself saying ‘Man, these guys get paid too.' There's a lot of things I need to improve on and be more consistent. There were a couple of times where I was out of position on a few routes. They played a little two-man but didn't do it much. Jay was able to get us in the right positions, call some run plays and scramble a little bit. We're going to get better every week."


(on interception returns for touchdowns) "I've never seen anything like it, two straight weeks the same two guys with pick sixes. It's fun to be part of it and watch these guys do it."

(on defensive game plan) "We wanted to stop the run, that's our number one goal. We had a good day today and I said all year long there's eight guys rotating in and they are all playing well. Each week they all show up."

DE Julius Peppers

(on defensive dominance) "We play hard and we try to force the issue and when you play the game the right way good things happen to you."

(on different players contributing on defense) "The guys are playing well and there's no other way to put it, we're playing well. It's exciting guys are contributing and it's a great time right now because it's not one person. It's been different guys every week and that's just how we play the game. We want to continue to riding this wave and the bye gives us an opportunity for us to rest up and get guys healthy."


(on interception returned for a TD) "I feel like he underthrew it and I was there. I felt like I made a good play on the ball. The defense did a great job of blocking a clearing a path for me to get into the endzone."

(on flying into Lafayette, Louisiana Saturday for induction into Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns Hall of Fame) "I went in for that tremendous honor and I left at halftime after the ceremony. I'm a little exhausted from all the flying I've done, but it was a really good day yesterday and today."

(on 4-1 record) "We sit pretty good right now. We'll enjoy the win and hit the reset button. We'll get ready for Detroit after the bye week."

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