Tales from the Tape: Run Game V

In the fifth of our five-part series, we use All 22 coaches film to break down Chicago's 10th-ranked rushing attack. Our final play features TE Kellen Davis leading the hole.

The Chicago Bears rushed for 214 yards as a team against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 5. The club's offensive line has been inconsistent this year but they are steadily showing improvement as run blockers. The offense currently ranks 10th in the NFL with 123.6 rushing yards per contest.

In the fifth of our five-part series analyzing Chicago's rushing attack, we use All 22 coaches film to break down an up-the-middle run that features TE Kellen Davis as the lead blocker.

Before the snap

QB Jay Cutler is under center with RB Michael Bush alone in the backfield. Davis (blue) motions from the right edge into the left wing spot. He will then pull behind the line and serve as the lead blocker. RG Lance Louis (red) will crash down on the defensive tackle, while RT Gabe Carimi (white) will kick out on the defensive end.

At the snap

Cutler turns and hands the ball to Bush on a counter run to the play's right side. Louis drives the defensive tackle inside, Carimi seals the defensive end outside and Davis locks up the outside linebacker. This creates a nice hole at the point of attack.

Carimi stands tall and keeps his body between Bush and the defender. Davis turns the linebacker away from the ball carrier and drives him into the backfield. This leaves a wide line for Bush to run through.


Davis has always been an inconsistent run blocker. He really struggled last year but he has taken steps this season to get better. This play demonstrates not only his improved blocking but also OC Mike Tice's faith in him as a lead blocker. With Evan Rodriguez out, Davis needs to help pick up some of the slack as a blocker for Chicago's rushing attack. It appears he's up to the challenge.

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